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What does one call nornal bleeding sores that aren't herpes looking or infected looking... please read details. thanks.

Posted by amIdyng

For at least two years now, I have had a problem with skin sores that are small and  bleed and then scab  up.

They are not like any of the sores I have seen online. The sores don't look infected and do not errrupt or  blister or anything. The sores are just like any sore one gets when their skin gets cut - accept my sores are roundish and appear all over my forarms and lower legs and ankles. Some times I have maybe 40 or 50 at one time. They are not painful but they bleed  a lot and it is unseighly. Any ideas/

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Well, since they are only on commonly exposed areas I'm inclined to say they are bites of some kind.  Leaning towards bedbug bites which do not itch with some people.  Do the 'sores' seem to be grouped together in any fashion, like 2, 3 or 4 next to each other?  If so, you can bet that they are bedbug bites.
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