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What do you look like when you fly?

Posted by Nadine H. Patient Expert

Below is Kate Hudson , arriving in London at Heathrow airport after a transatlantic flight. No doubt our darling Kate flew first class, as you do, and she looks cozy enough with her artfully tossed scarf, slouchy layers and oversized sunglasses hiding a makeup-free face. Photos of celebrities disembarking from planes always amuse me, however, because even if Jolie sucks it up and tries–for whatever reason–to look glamorous when flying (Tom Ford glasses! Louis Vuitton speedy!), she still resembles a homeless person.



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I don't think she looks bad here whatsoever. Nor do I think that Angelina Jolie could ever look like a homeless person. I'll admit that I don't look all that wonderful when I fly-baggy yoga pants are my favorite thing to wear-but that's what the shower is for at the hotel, right?
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