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What do you feel when you are reading my posts?

Posted Oct 20 2012 2:30pm

Ok, so, this got me curious. I was not exactly feeling great a day but I still managed to write a post on that day. Exactly almost a year later or so, I read that post and I did feel as if none of my emotions or showing through which is a good thing, of course. Because, I don't want my blog to be a place where you can read all my emotions, especially the bad ones!!! 

So, I wanted to ask you. What do you feel when you are reading my posts? Do you feel happy or does my morbidness get communicated to you? Do you feel I am cynical or what exactly do you feel? I essentially want my blog to be a happy and a lively place, it might get boring but I hope it doesn't get sad!! That's one of the reasons I try to put up cartoons :) So, waiting your opinions!! *anxious*

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