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What do you do for SEVERELY dry skin?

Posted by Charmaine Patient ExpertHealth Maven

My daughter has severely dry skin and it is hereditary, her grandmother and great grandmother have it also. It is so dry that even the dermatologists have been no help, it's just not what they're used to dealing with I guess. She uses Aquaphore after every shower and she is taking hyaluronic acid and a healthy oils supplement. Does anyone know of anything else I could be doing for her?

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I love using only Chandra Ayurvedic skin care products for my skin  that has helped me bring my natural beauty back.
People with dry skin type often face problems like burning, redness and frequent breakouts. This type of skin needs extra care. You need to wash your skin frequently and apply organic products only. Proper use of organic body oil, scrub, cleanser, face masks can be a step towards healthy younger looking skin.
Dry skin, also referred to as Xerosis, is a common problem for many people. The skin requires moisture to maintain its smoothness and suppleness and during winter, this can be particularly difficult... You may get some answers from this article: Dry Skin - Prevent dry skin by adopting the right skin care regime.

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