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what are white blister like bumps on my knuckles and feet that slowly grow flatter with a darker spot in the middle

Posted by mothernatur24

i started noticiing these really small white bumps that feel like blisters that slowly grow flatter with like a darker spot in the middle on my hands a couple months ago at the end of lacrosse season. Then they started to appear on my feet.
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Sounds like dyshidrotic eczema, I have been diagnosed with it. If you google it it says it itches but mine never has. Also if you look at the images most of them look much more severe than what I ever had, I think because it never itched so I never scratched it so it didn't get infected or anything. But anyway...hope this helps. If you go to your doctor they can give you some cream and mine cleared up in about a week. Good luck!
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