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Western Mascara Review: Lancome Virtuose Precious Cells + Urban Decay Skyscraper

Posted Aug 05 2010 12:00am
You're probably wondering why I bother trying Western mascaras when I'm almost always complaining about them. This pair is not that bad but all the same, I would not pay full price for them. Just bare with me on this. The next pair of Western mascaras will be getting a great review.

This time, we're looking two lash-caring Western mascaras, the Lancome Virtuose Precious Cells Mascara and Urban Decay Skyscraper Multi-benefit Mascara.

Read on for reviews by a very picky mascaraphile with high expectations.

Ugh, I can't spell. Sorry. It's Virtuose

So, I don't think the Lancome Virtuose (length) Precious Cells mascara is all that "Western". Yes, the brand is Western but if I believe this particular mascara is Asian. There were a lot of Japanese words on the packaging and it's nowhere to be found on the Western Lancome website. There's Hypnose (volume) Precious Cells in the UK and Definicils (high definition) Precious Cells in the US *shrugs*. The added "precious cells" basically means that the mascara contains ingredients that nourish the lashes and reduce fallout.

Does it perform? I can't say yes but I can't say no either. While the mascara did give me length, it wasn't the kind of insane length that I'm used. It coats every lash but did little for volume. The curvy brush lifts up lashes but doesn't hold the curl. That's only if you use allow it to dry significantly before adding another coat. Because I can't stand skinny lashes, I use A LOT of coats which means more drying time in between. The effect below took about 4 coats and 15 minutes. Still not spectacular. Ok, it'll probably hold up the curl if I didn't use so many coats. Nevertheless...

If you don't allow the mascara to dry between coats, your lashes will look totally whacked. We're talking clumping and the top bits will come off making your lashes look disgusting.

This formula is non-waterproof and washes off with warm water. However, I find the formula to be a tad sticky and doesn't come off properly with water alone thus, I prefer using a makeup remover. Getting this off is no picnic for me because the formula seems to irritate my eyes when it gets in, making them water.

Suffice to say that while the effect is not that bad, it's not worth RM93. Retails at Lancome counters.

Because I believe in second opinions: ParisB's review on Lancome Virtuose Precious Cells

There are many reasons to like this mascara. Firstly, the packaging's sleek and funky. I love that it has this weird matter rubbery feel to the tube and don't get me started on the purple squiggles. The brush is the silicone type and it's slim. Doesn't that look like it'd be perfect for Asian lashes?

Unfortunately, the formula fell short. You do get everything that the mascara claims to do -- lengthen, strengthen, separate, curl, brighten, and thicken. Except on a much much smaller scale. Like the Lancome Precious Cells, the Urban Decay Skyscraper too contains lash-caring ingredients.

The brush is a joy to use and I like how my lashes look with this mascara even though the effect isn't va-va-voom. I can coat every single lash and they look neat, making it a pretty good natural mascara for everyday use.

Retails on for USD$22.

Because I believe in second opinions: Muse's review on Urban Decay Skyscraper

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