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Wednesday PowWow : Which Summertime Trend Will You Follow?

Posted Jun 19 2013 10:43am
There are a lot of beauty + style trends that I'm not afraid to play follow the leader with.  However, there are some that my 35 year old self knows better than to try and pull off.  Here are some popular trends right now...
{Image via }

Ombre Lips - has a great quick video tutorial here on this recent trend.  It's waaay too high maintenance for me, (yes that's possible) and although it does have an artsy cool look about it, it is no where near practical for my mommy life.  I look into a mirror enough during a day just to make sure my lip color is still there, but this look would put me into the loony bin trying to keep the colors just perfect and ombre-ed!! The craziest lip look I've ever sported was this two-toned look .

TREND #2 : CROPPED TOPS {Brooklyn Decker via }
Crop Tops - I birthed 3 kids and my belly has never been the same.  It could definitely be worse, but it still should NOT be caught dead - or alive - in a crop top.  But they seem to be all the rage in Hollywood. shows a few examples of cute celebs with rock hard abs sporting this look, some even slightly flattering and not trashy!  Still, not for me, no way. Makes me reminisce on my Panama City spring break days.

TREND #3 : TALON NAILS  {Fergie via }
Talon Nails - Super long pointy finger nails have been a trend among some major rock chicks - think Lady Gaga and RiRi.  I'm on the fence with this one.  It can look scary if painted the wrong color (neon green?!) but kinda cool if done more muted with classic colors. showcases a few takes on talons here . Again, not a practical look for me, I'd end up stabbing one of my kids while trying to button their shirt.

TREND #4 : DENIM CUT OFFS {Halle Berry via .}
Denim Cut Offs - I've shot down most of these trends so far, but this one I can definitely do.  It's of course all about the fit, but when done right (I've done enough squats and self tanner) I like its casual ease.  Halle Berry is 40 and rockin' this look just right and still looks super cool.  I think I need to own these Rag & Bone cutoffs to channel my inner Halle.

TREND #5 : FLOWER CROWNS {Kiera Knightley via }
Flower Crowns - This look goes one of two ways for me - uber hippie chic or 10 year old flower girl in your cousins wedding.  I am neither.  Either way, if I tried to sport one, my husband would think, 1. I'd lost my mind or 2. lost my hemp necklace or 3. wonder if he had missed Halloween. tries to show you  how to wear it  without looking too out-there, which in my mind says to me, it's a trend that's trying too hard in the first place.  

So for today's PowWow, I want to know which of these trends you are on board with this summer or would rather jump ship than wear...

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