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Wednesday PowWow : How To Survive Traveling With Small Children

Posted Jun 05 2013 9:33am
The Beckhams make traveling with multiple children via airports look so easy and stylish...

{Ridiculously beautiful family image via .}

I am crazy excited that we have booked a trip for our family of 5 to fly across the country to visit the west coast next month!!  We are headed to Los Angeles and San Francisco - my 1st time to San Fran, 2nd in LA.  Remember my last trip to NYC over 3 years ago when we just had the 2 boys here and here ?  That's the only time I've ever flown on a plane with my kids, and I remember I needed a couple cocktails on the flight to calm my nerves through it. By the way, this post isn't about me telling YOU how to survive traveling, it's a cry for help from others wanting to know HOW to do it since I've only done it once!

I'm not so worried about my two boys, they're old enough to get flying and hotel hopping, but it's the 2.5 year old that scares me.  You know, she tends to have to pee every 5 seconds, flies off the handle for no reason, screams higher than Mariah Carey can hit a high note, can only watch 5 minutes of a TV show then gets bored, that sort of thing 2 year olds do.  Yet she's going to be in an enclosed plane and different hotel rooms with me and a bunch of strangers, gulp*!!

So my PowWow for today is for you mamas with small kiddos or remember traveling with your small children...How do you survive traveling with small children and are you as intimidated with this as I am?  

I know the memories will all be worth it, but I'd be lying if I didn't admit I'm a bit nervous about how smoothly, or not, it's going to go! If you are the brave sort and actually travel often with kids, please pass along any advice on how to get me across country with a toddler while still enjoying the experience!  Or if you have a funny story about traveling long distances with a child, share it with me below.  I like to learn from others experiences/mistakes/successes!  

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