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Waxing: The Best Hair Removal Method for Men

Posted Nov 30 2011 5:43pm

It is a natural phenomenon that hair grows in different parts of human body. On Some parts of the body hair is expected (make us look more gorgeous) and on some parts it isn’t. In fact, sometimes this unwanted hair causes many troubles. People always prefer a hair free clean body. As a result, the hair removal process for men has evolved a lot since the ancient times to fulfill the necessities.

In today’s fashion, Waxing is the most preferred hair removal process for men. It was thought earlier that waxing is a fashion of either gay, models or athletes. But now, everyone who is conscious about personal care are visiting salon and spa for getting rid of unwanted hair from Back, Chest, Legs, Wrist, Stomach, and pubic area.

Perhaps, till now, the most common method of hair removal for men is shaving. But shaving only cuts the hair at the shaft and as a result, the hair becomes visible within 24 hours of shaving. On the other hand, the shaved hair grows stronger and thicker day by day. And after some years it becomes hard to get a close shave.

Besides, in waxing the new grown hair grows finer and more slowly. And it takes about 2 to 8 week to grow back. Shaving makes your skin rough and uneven, whereas, waxing makes your skin soft and smooth. With waxing you can have a complete hairless and outstanding looking body image that is expected by most of the men. Meanwhile, many spouses prefer their mate’s hairless look and term this look as more sexy and appealing.

Waxing process for men is similar to the women waxing, though men’s skin is tougher and different than women, so some special measures are taken for men’s waxing. Men’s waxing in New York offers two types of waxing methods, one with paper stripes and the other one without paper stripes. Usually in most of the hair salons, Azulene wax is used to apply over the hairy skin with a wooden spatula. If you are conscious about hygiene, then make sure that your spa uses separate spatula for every waxing service. If your skin type is sensitive then it is better to use Cirepil Blue Hard wax instead of Azulene wax.

Some people want to avoid waxing as they know it as a painful treatment. But the fact is that after several waxing, your hair becomes finer and sparser than before. So regular waxing doesn’t hurt at all. So if you want a hair free body, rush to your nearby spa or hair salon. Dyanna spa in Manhattan, New York has been offering men waxing service for last 20 years with the fame of quality and hygiene. You can check their website ( for any query regarding men waxing.
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