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Vitamins That Help Remove Dark Circles and Eye Bags

Posted May 23 2013 5:25am

When you look at a person you just encountered at one glance, what part of him do you usually take notice? The eyes, most people would answer. It is through the eyes that we establish a strong connection to people. It is through it that we also verify truth, see sincerity and witness ingenuity. More importantly, it is through the eyes that we develop attraction, by virtue of the saying “Love at first sight”, however, what happens if these once alluring eyes develop under eye dark circles, will this adage still hold true?

Altered Self-Esteem

Having under eye dark circles undeniably can lower down one’s self-esteem. When people would look at you and they immediately see this puffy eye bags with dark discoloration underneath it, they would instantly build this negative impression upon you instead of the good one. This might not seem to bother you at first but what if this continuously happens? Thus, you must know the probable reasons why these take place in order to address the pressing problem.

Causes of Dark Circles

There are certain misconceptions or wrong notions regarding the causes of dark circles and eyebags. So, in order to break the myths, here are the real causes based on evidence and facts:

Nasal Congestion– Fatigue is mostly attributed as the major reason for dark circles, but in truth, it is frequent nasal congestion. When our nose is congested, the veins that drain the eyes into the nose become dilated, causing dark discoloration.

Eyelid swelling –This happens usually when you are asleep, oftentimes when you just cried. Upon lying down, gravity brings the fluid in the lower eyelids, causing the appearance of puffy lids and appearance of shadows.

Chronic Skin Conditions– Skin illnesses that persist for long periods like Atopic Eczema can contribute to dark circles.

Genetics– Inherited tendency can also be a precursor.

Aging– By virtue of natural aging, the facial skin degrades through time and become susceptible to sagging, discoloration and puffing.

Lack of Sleep– This is not the main cause, but it considered as an adjunct factor, making the dark circles more prominent when you lack sleep and exhausted.

Pregnancy and Menstruation– When you have a current condition that may affect the blood circulation as well as the hormones, it makes the skin more pale, causing apparent discolorations more visible on the skin.

Allergies– This is brought about by histamine reactions.

Lack of Essential Vitamins that enrich the skin and the eyes, such as Vitamins K, A, C, E and Iron.

Vitamin Rich Eye Creams

As mentioned earlier, there are a lot of conditions that contribute to the occurrence of under eye dark circles, but one of the most common means to counter it is by using supplements or eye creams with essential vitamins. Here are the advantages and benefits that vitamins could offer to reduce the occurrence of eye bags and dark circles:

Vitamin K– This vitamin is considered as the best vitamin that removes dark circles. This is because Vitamin K is a clotting factor that acts by healing damaged capillaries and arteries which improves blood circulation most especially along the eyes. When circulation is improved, dark circles are apparently reduced. The best sources of Vitamin K are green and leafy vegetables.

V itamin A– This vitamin reduces dark circles by repairing damaged tissue. It is also an antioxidant that removes wrinkles and protects against skin thinning.

Vitamin C– This vitamin is known for collagen building, which removes free radicals from the skin, and safeguards it from damage from the hazardous stimulants like the sun. Vitamin C comes in creams, oral tablets and chewables. It is often found in citrus fruits and vegetables.

Vitamin E –The major function of Vitamin E is by regulating Vitamin A in the body. It is known as an antioxidant that maintains the natural glow of the skin, reducing fine lines and excoriations.

Iron– This mineral is essential for those who are undergoing menstruation and pregnancy. It is said that when you have a current condition that affect the blood, dark circles become more prominent. Through iron supplementation, pale skin can be avoided and thereby reduce dark circles.

Through these essential vitamins, surely, dark under eye circles will bid you goodbye and will make you build a better sense of confidence and beauty.

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