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Vintage Failure

Posted Jan 06 2010 4:49pm
I did not intend to stay away from my blog for this long, but my makeup lately is very blah and not worth posting.

I wanted to try Veronica Lake inspired hair today...this was my first attempt and it was not a success. Next time I'll use smaller curlers for the area around my face, and I'll spend more time brushing it out. I tried to let it fall over one eye like Veronica's did, but instead of looking mysterious and sultry I looked like a lopsided creep so I decided to skip that. Plus it won't fall over one side nicely since I have these annoying bangs I've hated since about the 3rd day I had them. I keep pinning them to the side or back because they're a nuisance. Oh well, better luck next time I guess.

I added a red gloss from Tarte's holiday gloss set so that I'd give off a bit of a vintage vibe. I still can't warm up to how I look in red or darker lip colors...they make me look so old in my opinion. I guess it's one look that's not meant for me.

Even though it turned out all wrong, I thought I'd post since it's been so long :).
I definitely need to use smaller rollers next time, and I'll probably make the side part a bit deeper.
Way too much flash in this one
On my face...
L'oreal Hydra Perfect loose powder in Translucent
Peach blush from a Profusion palette

Dark brown eyeshadow from Coastal Scents 88 palette(lid and lower lashline)
L'oreal HIP pencil liner on upper lashline only
CG Remarkable mascara(it's nothing special...I'm just using it up)

shimmery red gloss from Tarte's holiday lip gloss set
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