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UTI's/Spots around mouth/Hair Loss

Posted by barbadosukqueen

I am a female of 24 years and I have suffered from UTI's frequently since around the age of 17 or 18. I seemed to get them after about 3 kidney infections over a period of about a year or so, around that time.

At last I am finally getting them investigated by a new doctor via bloods and urine test tommorow, after many visits to the other 3 doctors at the surgery, with them. previously i was just issued antibiotics, had a urine test, and then told that everything was fine, and that women were more prone to them. However each time the antibiotis would only 'dull' the infection for around a week and then it would return. I seem to havehad many different types of antibiotics too and they all seem to do the same.

I know when i am getting a UTI back as i get a dull ache low in my back, get tired, my urine is foul smelling and dark, and it sometimes stings when i go to the toilet.

I make sure i drink around 2 litres of water a day, i rarely drink alcohol, and i take cranberry supplements each day. This seems to help as if i dont do it, the UTI becomes worse.

Is this a common problem? or do you think it could be something worse? 

I have also noticed that every time i have a flare up of a UTI i get spots around my mouth - in particular red, hard, sore lumps.

Is the spots linked to the UTI? or is it just a coincidence? 

I have also noticed since around the age of 19 that my hair has been gradually falling out. I dont have bald patches or anything like that, its just masses of hair loss in general ie. when i brush my hair, wash it, its all over the floors in the house, or wherever i sit. It comes out from the root, so i assumed it wasnt from any sort of hairdressing damage as its not breaking off half way down the strand. In general i feel i have good hair condition in other ways as it is soft, manageable and shiny. However I used to have thick hair and now i dont. About 2 years ago i started noticing this more than usual and i became more 'head sore', this has never improved so i went to my old doctor. 

The doctor did a general blood test - i asked them to test me for serum ferritin on top of the usual things as i had read on a website that this could contribute to hair loss. From the results the doctor advised me that i did have low serum ferritin, which i am told is the iron stores, - the normal range being between 2 & 200, and the minimum for optimum hair being around 70. Mine was 21, and then a later test revealed around 37 i think when i went back again sometime later.

The doctors said they didnt want to put me on iron pills as this could make other things worse, so just advised me to take multivitamins with iron in them, and eat well. So in addition to the cranberry tablets i have been taking multivitamins with 14mg of Iron in them since then.

However that hasnt improved my hair loss so the new doctor is testing for this tommorow too.

Do you think my hair loss could be linked to the UTI? and/or the spots around my mouth?

There is a history of Thyroid, Anaemia, and Diabetes in my family history; but all previous tests have not shown these in me.

I am happy that i have got a new doctor looking into all this, he seems vey helpful, and i am asking him the same things as i am asking you. As although these are minor problems compared to what others have for which i am grateful, i feel they are still annoying and shouldnt be happening. I would just like a 2nd opinion if you have the time to respond to me. 

Many Thanks.

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Hello there,

You seem to have been getting severe UTIs. I dont know the answer to most of your questions but one thing I'd suggest is that you should definitely consider having D-mannose . It's been saving my life. Anti-biotics stop working after sometime becuase the bacteria get resistant to them. But D-mannose just flushes them out by not allowing them to stick on the urethra walls. I really hope you get some relief. Take care. Noor


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