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Update on Skin Genesis Skincare

Posted Jun 02 2008 12:00am

My initial review of L'Oreal Skin Genesis products can be found here: L'Oreal Skin Genesis

It has now been 8 weeks since I started using the Skin Genesis Eye Serum and SPF 15 Moisturizer, and I'm following up with my reaction to both products. The Skin Genesis products are targeted towards individuals who wish to help strengthen skin to maintain a youthful appearance, as skin begins to weaken once we reach the age of 30.

Eye Serum Update:
Although the serum provides a decent amount of moisture to my undereye area, I stopped using it in the morning. The consistency and waiting time for it to get absorbed by my skin took too long while I got ready for work, and the excess moisture (no matter how much or how little I used) made my concealer look cakey. I still use it at night. I have no idea how long it will actually take me to use up the bottle, especially now that I'm only applying it once a day, so the $20 price tag doesn't seem that bad, if you consider that I've been using it daily for 2 months and there's barely a dent in the bottle. I don't think it did much to get rid of the dark circles under my eyes - applying it in the morning did give the illusion of lighter circles, since there are some reflective bits in the serum, but there haven't been any long-term effects. I haven't been sleeping well the past couple of weeks either, so I am sure that affected the outcome - at least to come degree, since my circles have worsened as a result of my lack of sleep.

Multi-Layer Cell Strengthening Daily Moisturizer with SPF 15 Update:
This is definitely my go-to moisturizer during the day. There is now a slight plastic/chemical smell (but it's not the smell of sunblock) to the moisturizer after I pump some out of the bottle, but that could be from the packaging itself. Once I apply the moisturizer to my skin, I don't notice any smell. It still goes on very light, and doesn't feel heavy or greasy on my skin - which is a good thing, because the muggy DC weather is just around the corner. Again, I've been using this daily for 2 months now, and it doesn't look like I've put much of a dent into the bottle, so the cost evens out in the long run. I don't have that many lines (at most, 2 lines on my forehead that aren't usually visible) on my face, but I feel like my skin has improved - overall my skin feels smoother and it's actually starting to look even.

I will likely continue to use both products until I run out. I would definitely purchase the Daily Moisturizer again, but I'm not sure about the Eye Serum. My hunt continues to find an effective eye cream...

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