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True Brazilian Hair Treatment at B2V Salon

Posted Jul 20 2009 10:18pm 1 Comment


Gwyneth Paltrow once famously said in Vogue, “Straightening my hair is big for me in terms of feeling confident. If I have straight hair, I feel like half of my outfit battle is over.”  Indeed, many of us can relate; a bad-hair day in the form of puffy, cowlicked or frizzy locks not only saps the confidence but drains the spirit.  Is it a silly concern?  Absolutely.  Do we still care about our hair with every fiber of our being?  You’d better believe it!

Yesterday, I went to  B2V salon  for a True Brazilian hair treatment with stylist Mauricio Ribiero. Hailing from the land of Gisele and the samba, Mauricio first brought the Brazilian treatment to LA with the Argyle salon, and has now moved onto B2V with a newly formulated, formaldehyde-free keratin-and-acai treatment that seals and coats hair strands, leaving them shiny, locking in color, and banishing frizz.  All hair-types–from straight to curly, and everything in between–can benefit, and it’s especially great for color-treated hair like mine.

The Brazilian suffered from negative publicity a couple of years ago, due to the formaldehyde in the treatment, but newer versions are formaldehyde-free and boast less toxicity than basic hair dye. Mauricio’s True Brazilian, meanwhile, provides immediate results–whereas other versions require the client to keep hair dry and untouched for at least 48-hours following the treatment.

The picture up top is a “before”, with my hair as sleek as I could get it following a rigorous blowout and flatironing. My hair after the treatment (see below) is without any flatironing, and following a quick 8-minute blowdry by Mauricio’s assistant Justin Gagliardi, who also gave me a mouthwatering shampoo and head and neck massage. (Mauricio and Justin are equally to-die for gorgeous, and at one point, both were doing my hair simultaneously.  A woman behind me quipped, “Lucky girl, with two beautiful men working on you at the same time!”  It’s a tough job…)

So far, so good.  My hair feels soft, looks shiny, combs through with ease, and didn’t puff up in the slightest as I danced the night away in a teeming mass of 20somethings at Crown Bar.  True Brazilian–we salute you!

B2V Salon: 310-777-0345.  Cost: $350.  Lasts: 8 - 12 weeks



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My best friend recommended me to the woman who did her treatment. First of all ventilation is the key i have been getting BKT for over 4 years and I am not dead. There is more formaldehyde ina tube of mascara than in BKT. Also I have never had any problems with BKT fumes or sickness infact the product I get done to my hair smells like bananas and I never smell any harsh gasses of chemicals. My best friend recommended me to the woman who did her treatment. She did an awesome job and the price was nowhere near as expensive. She services the Philadelphia, Delaware and Parts of New jersey area. She even agreed to come to my home and do my hair since I have children. I picked her up and she came to my house and did my BKT. I have never been so happy in my life. I love my hair now. My only complaint is I can’t keep my hands out of my hair. I don't want to give out her phone number but her email address is If you want your hair done and don’t want to break the bank. This is the person to call.


Sarah Corbet

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