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Triple Reviews: Washable Mascaras

Posted Feb 28 2012 12:00am
A, B or C? 

Time and time again, you've heard me moaning about non-waterproof Western mascaras and how most of them don't work on my lashes (except ONE ). It did make me wonder; how about Asian non-waterproof mascara? Would they work?

I was in for a surprise.

While the weather and my constant sweating calls for waterproof mascaras, on many occasions, I'd rather use washable ones because they're a lot easier to remove and certainly more gentle on the lashes. Sadly, the only one that I truly loved was the Make Up For Ever Smoky Lash which is far too much to pay for a mascara! And yet, I'm on my third tube... *sighs*

In our washable mascara line-up we have 2 Asian formulas against 1 Western formula. Let's see who's the winner in my books.

L'Oreal Curl Impact Collagene 

First week of using: Meh 
Second week of using: Hmmm 
Third week of using:  Not bad 
Fourth week of using: Pretty good 
Fifth week of using : Uh... 

The tube's not even dried up and the formula is already clumping like crazy! The brush is pretty cute with its curves. I was really starting to like this mascara and then it clumped so horribly after a month. Nonetheless, out of the lot, it held the curl best. But I can't see properly with goop on my lashes!

If I'm not wrong, this mascara is RM59.90 which is EXPENSIVE for a drugstore product. Seriously? 60 bucks for this?

Maybelline The Magnum Superfilm 

Maybeline has been a trusty brand for decent mascaras. Superfilm is the non-waterproof version of The Magnum ( Fantastic mascara but I can't use it. Please read review ). While it's nowhere near as good as the waterproof version, I like the fact that the formula is dark to make the lashes appear thicker.

The major downside about this mascara is that it doesn't hold up a curl for more than 3 minutes. I mostly use this over false lashes since it's washable.
Priced at RM35.90 

Benefit Bad Gal Mascara 

Many many years ago, I thought Bad Gal was a pretty awesome mascara but back then I had only ever used 3 mascaras in my entire life. Fast forward a few years, I've Bad Gal another go and concluded that I wasn't too far off.

Despite being Western and non-waterproof, this mascara is actually good. Of course, not Smoky Lash good but good enough to have me tote it around in my bag. The formula is dark, the huge brush adds a good amount of volume and it fairly lengthens. It doesn't have the holding power to make my lashes look perky but it doesn't weigh them down too much so the result is naturally curled lashes.

Why does it have to be a hundred bucks? The last last last time I checked, Benefit Bad Gal was RM95 RM75. I'm not sure of the price now but regardless, RM95 RM75 is reasonable for a high end brand but it's still for a mascara.  

Moral of the story: Be content with affordable and reliable waterproof mascaras. It's gonna be very difficult to find a cheaper substitute for the Smoky Lash.
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