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Top 3 ECO-friendly beauty-icons

Posted May 06 2009 1:34pm

No matter we want to recognize it or not, eco movement is a trend, and the stars who understood what “looks good” adopted it without hesitation.

Many have been involved in visible campaigns that could enjoy a visible increase of the level of notoriety, while others have understood that small things can make changes, adapting their lifestyle.
Thus, here are 3 women, beauty icons, who became eco-friendly by facts, not by words or images constructed by a good PR.

Alicia Silverstone

Besides the fact that for years she is vegetarian and with a group of activists she supported Peta naked, Alicia Silverstone expressed her ecological option even in the most important moment of her life. In 2005, along with musician Christopher Jarecki, the actress had a “green” wedding with an appealing decor made from recycled materials.

Natalie Portman Eco Shoes Natalie Portman

She was raised as a vegetarian, so she had no problems in eating no animal food, and she is known as an activist for animal rights. Moreover, because she does not support cruelty toward animals which are killed for different fashion whims, this year Portman linked her name with the eco-chic line of shoes (from alternative materials, other than skin), Te Casan.

Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney She is a role model in fashion industry, in what we call “eco-trend”. Besides the fact that she adapted vegetarianism, British designer Stella McCartney runs a professional life, as “eco” as it gets: both her workshop and creative website work with Aeolian energy. Moreover, the website offers customers online environmental solutions to get rid of old clothes and accessories.

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