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To roll, or not to roll? That is the question, Jenny Humphrey

Posted Jun 25 2008 4:09pm

Taylor Momsen(better known asJenny HumphreyfromGossip Girl) chilled on location yesterday in Oyster Bay, Long Island, pictured below.  (I once nannyed for a family in Oyster Bay.  It was a truly bone-chilling summer, and I’m not talking about the weather.)  Anyhoo, I was flipping through pictures on, as you do, and came across this one.  “Hmm, Jenny is so cute, even with her hair in those dorky rollers,” I thought, about to click onto the next time suck, when I realized: “Wait a minute!  Rollers!  Sothat’show they get her hair so bouncy!”  Taylor doesn’t have the world’s thickest tresses, so it makes sense they’d want to pump up the volume as much as possible—but I’m jealous that her end result is sleek, smooth waves, whereas my result with hot (or even Velcro) rollers would be “Texas Beauty Queen Circa 1987.”  My best friend A. has similarly thin hair and relied on rollers for the first four years I knew her.  I was endlessly fascinated watching her roll her hair this way and that, and must confess I’m still something of a moron when it comes to them.  Ah, yes, I know rollertheory, that’s for sure.  But if I were studying at Roller University and taking my practical finals?  I would—sob!—probably fail.  And then be left with bad hair, to boot. 


If I had a set of rollers at my house, you totally know what I’d be doing tonight.  Alas…I don’t.

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