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To iPad, or not to iPad?

Posted Mar 21 2011 10:03pm

ipad-2 There’s nothing fancy about this post, just a true question for you, my readers:

Should I get an iPad?

I’m a Crackberry addict and have been for years. I simply can’t bring myself to join iPhone-land, despite all my friends swearing up and down that it only takes a few days to adjust to the lack of a keyboard, the auto-typing, etc. (Of course, the additional argument–”Think of all the apps! Dear God, THE APPS!”–holds little sway with me, reluctantly-blogging Luddite that I am. I’m already more of a slave to technology than I’m comfortable with and feel my brain turning increasingly to mush with every passing year!)


I travel a lot, and my ancient, heavy, overheating, dead-battery laptop doesn’t cut it on the road! Of course, I can email and surf the web on my Blackberry, but when it comes to blogging, no such luck. I bought a netbook last year, but ended up giving it to my younger brother a few weeks ago when in Dallas. (Big sister brownie points? Anybody?) And now there’s that iPad 2 out…and it does look awfully fancy…

I posed the question on Facebook, and got a lot of positive responses in favor of the iPad’s “content consumption” abilities (as one of my friends called it), but few responses testifying to its “content creation” help. It’s t-minus 10 days until I leave for England, Scotland and Wales for 3 weeks to cover the royal wedding. I’m so excited…but I’m also running out of time to decide this thing! Let me know what you think!

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