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Tips on how to Spot Replica Ray Ban Sun glasses

Posted Mar 20 2013 9:25am

Ray Ban sunglasses are an exceptional American product that commenced as BMX bike grips inside late 70's to core 80's, before Replica Ray Bans built their first pair as well as sunglasses. And then that they exploded. And with his or her immense popularity came your wave of counterfeits, flooding the market industry, trying to meet the demands in the public and capitalizing for the popularity of the sun glasses. So knowing that there exists an ocean of phony glasses around, how can you tell the genuine from the fake?

Commence with the lens stamp. The Ray Ban lens stamp should be an exceptional etching. Many times the fake sunglasses can have the lens stamp cheaply printed for the lens, with what is termed screen printing. The proper way to tell if the lens stamp is often a screen print or a realistic etching is to just run your finger in the logo. If you can't feel something more, meaning the area your logo is printed in feels the same as the rest of the lens, then that is usually a cheap screen produce. However, if you run your current finger over the lens and you'll feel the ridges plus the texture of the press, then that is more than likely a correctly stamped company logo. However, being able to have the logo does not automatically imply the glasses are true, but not feeling your stamp does mean actually fake. This is a fantastic first step test that uses a second to do, and it will quickly weed out a lot of the fakes for you immediately.

Another quick test will be the lens sticker test. Authentic Ray Ban sunglasses tend not to put stickers on his or her lenses. If you see some sunglasses with a lens sticker-most likely these are fake. However, Ray Bans Cats does release glasses with an H sticker for the lens, these are sometimes purchased at retail chains like Sunglass Hut.

Utilize the following tips when spotting fake Ray Ban sun glasses, they will quickly weed out a lot of the fakes Ray Ban RB2140 on the market place. Good luck and safe and sound shopping!

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