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Tips on Detoxing your Body

Posted Dec 14 2008 7:51pm

Sometimes our lives can be a little indulgent. Then our bodies start to feel a bit off. Headaches are more common, fatigue, fuzzy brained decisions. When you start to feel disconnected from your own body, it’s definitely time for a detox or cleanse. Now those can be scary words for a lot of people, but it doesn’t have to be as bad as you think.

Unless it’s all organic vegetables and whole grains, you can be guaranteed that you’re taking in a high amount of toxins. They’re in the air, water and foods that we’re exposed to everyday. The body doesn’t know what to do with them, so they sit in us, slowing us and our metabolism down. What a detox/cleanse does is stimulates the elimination process, so our gallbladder, liver, kidneys and intestines can get rid of the gunk just sitting there and restore the balance. The body will run more efficiently! And who isn’t a fan of that?

The gross bit: Our bodies are built to digest certain things. A lot of processed foods contain ingredients that bodies can’t even properly identify, so it doesn’t even know what to do with them. Some theories suggest that this can be the cause of some ailments such joint issues or cellulite, When the body can’t digest properly, all the waste (you know what I’m talking about) just sits in the intestines, and sits, and sits. Eventually those toxins start to leech back into the body leading to all those fun side effects. They can create gasses which cause bloating and can also result in constipation, trapping even more inside use to sit and decompose. Detoxing aims at improving the digestive and elimination process in a healthy way.

Some important things to remember about detoxing:
  • Make sure it’s right for you. If you have any existing health concerns, liver or kidney disease, any intestinal problems, or are taking any medications, run this by your doctor first. The point is to feel better, not complicate your life. Be safe about it, really research and make sure it’s a healthy program that’s still giving you what you need to function. It should be a gentle process. Follow the instructions and suggestions that go along with the program.

  • Make sure you can commit! It does take some willpower for these. Most cleanses ask that you completely avoid coffee, alcohol, dairy, refined foods (anything that come in a box or can) and sugars. Pretty much everything fun and delicious for most people. Do it at a time you know you can follow through; otherwise it won’t be worth it. You’ll confuse your body and the results will not feel good. Remember that you don’t have to give these things up forever, just for a short period of time.

  • Don’t give in. Usually cravings for the Forbidden Foods are very strong at the beginning. The toxins and bad digestive flora feed off of those things, and now that they’re being denied they can get bossy. Remember that you’re doing this for the greater good and just push through. Lots of detox programs let you eat as much as you’d like of certain foods so you don’t have to go hungry!

  • Stay positive. As the toxins start to be flushed out, the body can feel even more sluggish for the first couple of days. This depends on how toxic you were. The more toxins that need to be eliminated, the stronger the symptoms. Make sure to drink plenty of water and to stay active. Both those things increase elimination, getting those nasty toxins out of you faster. After those first few days you’ll be absolutely amazed at how good you feel. Energized and focused to the max!

  • Start off gently. If this is your first detox or cleanse, make it easier on yourself! Whatever detox you’re planning on doing, the week before start following the suggested diet. Slowly eliminate the suggested foods and increase your water intake. Then once it comes time to start the plan, you’re already almost used to it! For your first cleanse, be realistic and do a shorter, balanced one. It has to make sense for you.

In no way should you be detoxing year round or use it solely as a weight loss program. The idea behind detoxing is get healthier. Remember that a balanced diet and exercise is the best and most consistent way to stay healthy and control weight. Detoxing once or twice a year is a great way to re-set and rebalance the body, setting the stage for an improved, healthier lifestyle.

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