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Tips For Using Mud Baths At Home- Relax and Detox

Posted Apr 22 2009 3:03pm
People can be a little frightened of mud baths at home. When they get any “mud” services in a spa, all the scary parts go unseen. The set-up, the clean-up. Then more clean up. Then laundry.

That seems like an enormous undertaking and not at all relaxing to bring home.

Luckily Moor Mud companies have thought of solutions. While home wraps are nearly impossible to enjoy, bathing is extremely easy and has a built in cleaning system.

You can read more about the benefits of Moor Mud here at The Natural Beauty Workshop.

Proof of the skin benefits can be seen when you consider the somewhat creepy Bog Man. His skin looks very supple for being 2000 years old. Not like those brittle desert mummies, clearly they need to hydrate. Granted he was not found in Moor Mud, just regular old peat. But when else was I going to get to link to a mummy?


When used in warm bath water, the muds can alternately cause deep relaxation or increased energy. I for one am ruined after using one of these. Completely incapable of staying awake and usually end up sleeping soundly through the whole night.

We carry the Golden Moor line here, and the scents are fabulous, Lavender, Chocolate, Pine and a refreshing Mountain Mist. Oddly enough each on of us prefers a different scent. Deigh-Anna swears by the Chocolate while I adore the Lavender

We hear a lot of concerns about usage and the product being messy. Remain calm! These have almost no clay in them and are fine for normal, non jetted, bathtubs. They’re also fine for use with septic tanks.

If you use the small bottles or packs, it’s best to immerse the entire container into the bath water. If you try and dump it in from above, you will get splashage. Totally a word.

If you use the large container, hold it as close to the water as possible or use a spoon to get the desired amount.

The sweating from water bath water combined with the mud is very detoxifying and circulation-increasing. 20 minutes is all you need. Don’t rinse off, just swipe excess water off you and dry off with a dark towel.

When you empty the tub there will a little bit of plant matter left behind. I just do a quick rinse with the shower head. No other cleaning is necessary as the mud rinses cleanly away.

Now the important part.  The invisible veil of mud left on the skin is going to continue working over the next little bit. Let yourself relax. Wrap up in some comfy clothes and just relax.

No matter what line of Moor Mud you go with, you’re bound to feel some result. The mud can be processed and included in creams, gels and emulsions, but I believe the best way to use it is just as is, in all its muddy, chunky glory.

Visit to see the complete line of Golden Moor products and other Natural skincare options.

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