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Tips For Better Looking Lips

Posted Jan 02 2011 3:22pm
God blessed me with a lot of things in my life, but nice full lips was NOT one of them.

AFTER my lip tips.

BEFORE my lip tips...where are they?! ha!

So I have to pretty much fake it every time I want to look like I have a nice full pout.  Now I cannot promise an Angelina Jolie-type pout, but I can atleast get them decently noticed to where they don't fade into my face...example picture above.

Here are some steps you can take to create a perfectly noticeable pout:

Step 1.  Brush your bare lips with your fave lip balm (I used my Rosebud Salve) and a toothbrush.  This is to make them softer and to exfoliate them for a smoother finish before applying your lip color.  I like to use my children's dry toothbrushes bc they have smaller heads on them since our lips are typically smaller than a normal adult toothbrush.  And you don't want your whole mouth to have a red ring around it, you JUST want to focus on the lips, not the perimeter of the mouth.

Step 2.  Apply a good neutral lipstick color with a lip brush.  This gives better control and a more precise application.

Step 3.  Blot your first layer of lipstick with a kleenex, then repeat step 2.

Step 4.  Apply a matching color lip liner on top of your lipstick.  The old school way of doing it is to apply the liner before lipstick, but I like adding it afterward bc I feel it looks less harsh this way.  Blot again with a kleenex.

Step 5.  Add a high gloss lip gloss on top of your lipstick focusing on the center of the lips.  You can use either a clear gloss if you want the lipstick to stay true to it's original color, or a colored gloss to add an unexpected punch to your neutral lipstick.  I used my FusionBeauty Lip Infatuation color Lollipop, to not only add bright pink to my look, but also for extra help in plumping them up!

Step 6.  Apply a thin coat of translucent powder around the perimeter of your mouth to keep color from bleeding.  I like to use my Qtips that have a pointy end and a flat end that make it easier to keep a clean line and to press the powder into the skin.

Before implementing all 6 steps.

After implementing my 6 steps.  Pretty impressive huh?

Maybe God didn't give me naturally full lips, but atleast he gave me the lip products and the ability to fake it!!
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