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Timeless Beauty :: Tips For the Mature Lady

Posted Dec 10 2010 3:14pm
I've gotten to work with a lot of young brides in my career as a makeup artist.  But I've also been given the honor of working with a lot of their mothers, or the MOB's as I like to call them (Mother of the Bride- or MOG's, Mother of the Groom)!!  I'm going to post a few examples of women throughout this blog I've been lucky enough to work with and turned out to be beautiful examples of ageless beauty.

A stunning MOB I worked with- this is Mrs. Susan!  Wish my camera didn't have this green cast applied to the picture, but you can still see how gorgeous she is.

Now that I'm a mom, I can say that I now truly appreciate my own mother.  Not to say that I didn't appreciate her back in junior high and high school, but honestly, that appreciation is on a much higher level now that I'm in the thick of the parenting thing and see what she went through raising me ;-)  So when I get to work on a bride's mother or mother-in-law, it is truly a pleasure to help make that woman feel beautiful since she went through all the hard work of getting her daughter to where she was today!!

When I work on these women, they are inevitably always too hard on themselves and worried about the aging process and how to slow it down.  But we women are always our own worst enemy, right? Now I'm no Dr. Oz, and am not skilled on the inner workings of how to keep the body and face young with certain vegetables and vitamins, but I do wield a mean makeup brush!!  And makeup can hide a multitude of things;-)

So here are my top makeup suggestions for being a timeless beauty:

1.  Smooth skin and flawless foundation is key.  With wrinkles and large pores being the #1 problem older women complain about, the best way to combat that is with a makeup primer or pore filler before applying foundation.  The silicon in most primers helps to fill in the "cracks" so to speak and minimally reduces the look of fine lines and wrinkles.  I like Becca Cosmetics Line & Pore Corrector ($36).

And dry skin is a big factor you want to knock out bc makeup can sit in those dry spots and cause all sorts of problems!  So be sure to moisturize moisturize moisturize and to use a retinol product at night time to help with the overall skin aging issue.

2.  Eyeliner is your friend.  There's nothing better to open up an eye and bring them out of hiding if the eyelids are starting to droop a little than eyeliner.  A great tip for eyelids that have fairly thin skin on them and its tough to get a straight line across- blow your pencil tip with a hairdryer for 5 seconds or so to warm up the tip which will make it glide easier across the lid.

3.  Don't be afraid of color.  So many women get stuck in a rut with neutrals that they don't experiment with brighter colors or anything that is not brown!!  I say that brighter blushes and navy or purple eyeliners are great subtle ways to experiment with color.  But of course, always choose ONE distinct feature to play with your vibrant color so that you don't end up looking like a circus clown:-)

Taking care of ourselves as we age is extremely important- from the inside to the outside- from the foods we eat to the creams we apply on our skin.  I am FINALLY becoming more aware of how I need to start treating my body more like a temple than a tent.  I believe beauty definitely comes from the inside out, but a little makeup can't hurt to help things along- or backwards!!!  And like my mama always said- "Pretty is as pretty does."

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