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The Top Reasons to Purchase Infrared Saunas

Posted Nov 26 2012 6:05am

Infrared saunas have amazing health benefits and individuals can buy infrared and carbon saunas from Leisure Products, Inc (LPI). This company has a wide range of commodities in the leisure products industry. However, before you consider buying, check out the top reasons to buy LPI saunas.




When the body sweats, the sweat glands expel toxic substances from the body. Therefore, sweating is a healthy activity. An infrared sauna produces safe levels of heat to help your body produce sweat. The heat permeates within your body’s muscles and tissues. Your body responds by releasing sweat. This is a simple and powerful way to detoxify the body from harmful toxins.




Infrared saunas and carbon saunas dispense gentle levels of heat. Traditional saunas dispense harsh heat, but this gentle heat allows your body to relax. Your muscles and tissues are released from tension, which can help you sleep better. Better sleep promotes a series of positive effects on your body, including reduced levels of blood pressure, hypertension, and stress. Individuals who enjoy these types of saunas also fare exceedingly well in activities related to cognition.




Epidermis and dermis layers of the skin have this unique quality of absorbing particular wavelengths and then replenishing themselves. Carbon saunas can produce this wavelength and the process of diffusing wavelength in infrared saunas to rejuvenate skin is called Red Light Therapy.


Many anti-aging creams and solutions work on the principle of enabling the skin to produce collagen. While these products may be able to do this, collagen production is only partial. However, with sauna therapy, there is a marked increase of collagen production of the skin. The higher the collagen level, the better the complexion of the skin.


Weight loss

Recent studies conducted on individuals who used these types of saunas on a regular basis for weight loss. This scientific study is proof that healthy sweating helps the body burn calories. Additionally, you can sweat and release toxins, as well as calories, without straining yourself. It is like a workout you do at the gym without even exerting yourself for a minute!


Astonishingly, one thirty-minute sauna session helped individuals burn up to 700 calories! The process of calorie burning happens during sweating and it also occurs when the body is trying to return to rest. Both of these processes expend calories in the body.


There are so many applications of these types of saunas that you may be compelled to purchase one now! These products are a new way to experience a slew of benefits without straining your body. Visit today to check out LPI’s total line of products.

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