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The Top 10 Best-Selling Hair Loss Products and Why

Posted Feb 17 2010 10:52am

If your looking for hair loss products you need to read this review of the best selling hair loss products before you buy.


Provillus– Is a hair loss system that has both Pills and Topical solution. First the pills are all natural vitamins specifically engineered to provide nutrient to the hair follicle. It is also considered a DHT blocker, which according to most doctors DHT is the main contributor for hair loss. Hair becomes thinner when it is being starved of nutrients and Provillus pills will not only block the DHT but it will remove the DHT and deliver nutrients to the hair follicle.


The second part of Provillus is the topical solution which is Minoxidil also known as Rogaine. Minoxidil increases the circulation to the scalp so the pills can deliver the nutrients to the follicle via the blood stream. There have been many success stories while using Rogaine but the truth is without the required nutrients you decrease your chances for success. There have been reports of mild side effects from the Minoxidil such as an itchy scalp but there are no other side effects.


Provillus is available for both men and women. For men the key ingredient in the Provillus for men is a herb called Saw Palmetto and for Provillus for women the main herb is horsetail.


Provillus is the most popular hair loss treatment on the market mainly because of the amount of information (articles, websites etc.). Fact is there are better solutions for hair loss but Provillus is certainly the most popular making it a best seller. It is now available From Provillus Canada.

ProFollica– This is an all-natural solution for hair loss and what’s unique about ProFollica is that is has been clinically proven to regrow hair in the receding hairline for men. There are not many hair loss treatments on the market that can make this claim.


ProFollica is available for both men and women with thinning hair and hair loss where men can only use some products. They boast on the fact that the formula they have developed cannot be duplicated, well this is mainly because they had it patented, and mind you there is not other hair loss treatment that uses some of the ingredients they use and it works very well with no side effects.


ProFollica comes with pills a topical gel and shampoo, they call this a three part system. The pills are DHT blockers which is key, the topical gel increases circulation in the scalp and the shampoo deep cleans the scalp to the follicles creating an optimal environment for hair growth.


Also listen to this…you must see visible growth or you will get you money back!


The real reason why ProFollica is so popular is the point at which new hair growth has been seen. Clinical trials show new hair growth with just weeks, which is amazing, making ProFollica a best selling hair loss treatment.


Hair Genesis Gen IV– Is NOT just another all natural solution to thinning hair or hair loss! This product has some real credential to back it up.

For example there is no other hair loss treatment that has the amount of successful clinical trials. What makes Hair Genesis unique is the fact the an actual scientist, Dr. Geno Marcovici developed it.


We ( ) conducted a review of Hair Genesis and the clinical studies were amazing. I finally go a hold of the creator of Hair Genesis (Dr Geno Marcovici) and I started asking him question about his product, as it turns out he is a scientist for the University of New York. He challenged me to show him another hair loss product that even comes close to his Hair Genesis with regards to clinical studies and positive test results. After several phone conversation and a review of not only his test result but the third party test results I told him I wanted to bring his product to Canada.


Hair Genesis has a soft gel capsule, a topical solution and both hair loss shampoo and conditioner. There are no side effects at all which is just one of many reasons why Hair Genesis is becoming the leading hair loss treatment in North America for reason.


Advecia Hair Loss Pills– This is a very new hair loss product for those suffering from thinning and hair loss. It is just a pill with no topical or shampoos etc. The blend of specific herbs, vitamins and minerals are specially formulated to promote hair growth in both men and women by increasing circulation and delivering nutrients to the hair follicle. There are no reported side effects.


What makes Advecia unique is that the nutrients provided can revive once dormant follicles. The clinical studies showed that over 70% of men and women noticed regrowth within weeks. They offer a 180-day money back guarantee.


Procerin– Is an all natural hair loss pill that comes with a XT topical foam to be used by MEN ONLY! Why is that? Women should not use Procerin because one of the main DHT blockers is an all-natural herb call saw palmetto which was designed for prostate issues in men. It is a DHT blocker and works with the male hormones specifically.


The reason why Procerin is a best selling hair loss treatment for men is because it will regrow hair in the receding hairline where most hair loss products have a hard time working. There is a reported 88% success rate with Procerin and 100% money back guarantee to back it up.


TrichoZed– Is probably the newest herbal hair loss treatment on the market. It works for both men and women. It is made of all natural herbs such as, Pyridoxine Hydrochloride, Serenosa repens, Biotin and Emblica officinalis extract which have all been clinically proven to stop rapid hair loss, block DHT and regrow hair.


TrichoZed only uses pills, no topical or shampoos to increase circulation and deliver nutrients to the hair follicle via the blood stream. This method of delivering nutrient has proven to be effective at fighting hair loss in the receding hairline for men and reversing thinning hair for women. There are no side effect from TrichoZed because the ingredients are all natural. Because it is so new and many people are willing to try new things is making TrichoZed a best selling hair loss product.


Inhairit– Is a very unrecognized hair loss treatment in the USA mainly because it is only available in Canada but does ship to the States. Based out of Vancouver BC Inhairit is becoming more popular on both sides of the boarders.


Inhairit is all-natural even the hair loss shampoo and conditioner. It comes with a Hair Grow vitamin, an organic all-natural topical and shampoo and conditioner.


The Hair Grow vitamins focus on damaged or dead hair follicles while supplying specific all natural ingredients such as Bhringaraj herb, Punarnava, Jatamasi, Behera, Harad, Emblica Officinals, and Neem (Azadirachta Indica) to all the hair follicles.


In Canada Inhairit is a best selling hair loss treatment that is getting more recognized internationally and there is a reason for that.


HairMax Laser Comb– Is the most inexpensive alternative to a hair transplant or professional hair restoration. As you know these can be very expensive so people are turning to hair loss supplements and laser treatment for their hair loss.


How it works is by separating the hair just enough to fully optimize each laser into stimulating the hair follicle.


HairMax laser comb is a very cost effective, safe and convenient option for hair loss. It is a proven solution that has shown to be effective in 90% of users in clinical trials. These clinical studies on the effects of Laser Photo-Therapy have shown an increase in Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP), the fuel for the cells. An increase in ATP provides the necessary higher energy level in the hair follicle to overcome the adverse affects of DHT. In addition, Laser Photo-Therapy hair treatment has shown to increase blood flow to the capillaries of the hair root, delivering more nutrients to the living cells that create the hair shaft. It is recommended to take a hair loss supplement in addition for best results.


Spectral DNC– Is actually a hair loss shampoo that incorporates aminexil a new, breakthrough compound which is the only other molecule aside from minoxidil that is clinically proven to re-grow hair. Other active ingredients include research grade minoxidil 5%, retinol, copper peptides, and a vitamin and mineral complex. The active ingredients are delivered in a technologically advanced vehicle, in tiny micro-spheres called nanosomes.


A major advantage of spectral dnc hair loss treatment is that the active ingredients are encapsulated in nanosomes. Nanosomes are micro-spheres that are 200 times smaller then human cells and penetrate into the deepest layers of the skin and release the active ingredients gradually over a 15 hour period. This technology dramatically boosts the effectiveness of the active ingredients since they are absorbed much deeper in the skin.


Spectral DNC is faster and more effective then rogaine and without the side effects and what makes it a unique hair loss solution is that it is effective on thinning hair, the vertex of the head for the receding hairline aswell making this a best selling hair loss product. It is certainly one of the best selling hair loss shampoos.


Nioxin– Is another hair loss shampoo for thinning hair and hair loss and can be used by both men and women. The entire product line that will inhibit the hormone (DHT) that causes the miniaturization of the hair follicle and eventual hair loss. There are many different types of Nioxin depending on your hair type.


The Nioxin Shampoo removes heavy buildup in the follicle and will unclog the pores at the root, leaving the hair stress free to promote healthy re-growth. Also, the hormone dht, which is responsible for causing male patter baldness and female pattern baldness, is a major factor. Nioxin helps to clear the follicle from accumulated DHT buildup and sebum with a penetrating heavy menthol action. The Nioxin shampoo itself is very invigorating and has a healthy mint smell, andyou can feel it working as it leaves quite a tingle. Nioxin helps to induce scalp circulation, which is conducive to re-growth. You can feel it working immediately.


This our complete list of the best selling hair loss products on the market.


Richard Jarvis is an online researcher on the subject of hair loss. You can find more insights and groundbreaking research into how people all over the world are using proven hair loss products at

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