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The Most Natural Way To Fill In Your Eye Brows

Posted Jun 27 2013 10:06am
Filling in eye brows seems to be one of the trickiest makeup techniques for most women.  But it doesn't have to be intimidating if you are looking for a little more fullness and not to completely recreate a whole new brow shape!  The most natural way to go is NOT the pencil which can look super fake and drawn on, GO eye shadow!! Just a little bit of shadow can make a dramatic difference!

Only tools necessary : 

1. Angled bristled makeup brush, mine is by MAC #208 angled brush. 2. Long wear eye shadow, like this L'Oreal Infallible shadow in "Continuous Cocoa"
*Choose a shadow color that most closely matches your natural brow hair (not the hair on your head!)or go one shade lighter for the most natural look.*

STEP 1 : Apply your foundation, a concealer, or an eyelid primer around the enter brow hair area with your finger or a sponge to create a base for the powder to sit and soak into.

STEP 2:  Brush your entire brow hairs in a downward motion to see the natural arch shape along the top of the brow line.  This shows you the highest point of your arch which is your guideline for how high you should go filling in.

STEP 3:  For deeper color of your shadow, you can wet your brush with a few drops of water before dipping it in your shadow color, or for the most natural look, use the shadow dry.  (I wet my brush with this shadow) Start filling in the barest parts of your brow line with short strokes.

STEP 4 :  Brush your brow hairs back up to see your progress.  Use a brow brush or an old toothbrush.

STEP 5 : Repeat steps 3 & 4 until you get your desired fullness.

There you go!  The most natural looking full brows without the hassle of pencils.  Of course if you're looking for perfectly symmetrical Hollywood type brows, there are many other steps you could add to this routine.  Maybe I'll save that intricate tutorial for another day if you are interested in seeing a super high maintenance brow!

Is filling in eyebrows part of your makeup routine?  

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