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The Health Benefits of Wolff Tanning Beds

Posted Dec 27 2012 6:34am

The sun's rays are perhaps the oldest health booster. Long before vitamins were turned into capsules and tablets, and even before man had developed healthy drinks and diet regiments, sun exposure was already a vital practice for promoting good health. Thus, people of the ancient times up until just decades ago enjoyed basking under the sun, because it helped them feel better. At present, the scenario has changed. People are now hiding from the painful sun's rays that are proven to cause burns and damage the skin.

Interestingly, tanning beds have become the best alternative to sun bathing. What is a tanning bed? A tanning bed is a machine built to give off only certain types of rays, UVB rays, that will cause the human body's skin to tan. Aside from its aesthetic purpose, the tanning bed is also regarded as a wellness therapy since it provides many of the same benefits the sun's rays (for instance, sun exposure helps the body produce vitamin D, which in turn, aids in Calcium absorption). Through using a tanning bed, you will definitely notice enjoy long-term health benefits, in addition to enjoying a beautiful, golden complexion.

To receive the maximum results, invest in the best beds on the market. Wolff tanning beds ( are the leading tanning beds in the industry today. While other brands only trigger tanning by channeling unhealthy amounts of UVA rays to the skin, Wolff commercial tanning beds provide accurate amount of UVB rays that match the body's needs. In so doing, the skin increases the production of Vitamin D3., promoting better calcium absorption from food in the stomach. Then, the absorbed mineral is delivered to the cell membranes, making the cells healthier and stronger.

The health benefits of tanning beds are absolutely undeniable. Studies have even mapped out the long-term benefits of Wolff commercial tanning beds. When our bodies have adequate vitamin D levels, the vitamin reduces the body's risk of developing heart disease, infertility, prostate cancer, colon cancer and more. Apart from these, Wolff tanning beds are also associated with the production of tryptamines in the pineal gland, a hormone that regulates seasonal affective disorder. Thus, people that suffer from SAD during winter months may now enjoy a depression-free days.

To learn more about the advantages of having your own Wolff tanning bed at home, visit:, the best site around for reliable deals on these great tanning products. Plus, the site offers all original tanning beds from Leisure Products, Inc., a leading retailer of tanning units. With Leisure Products, Inc., you’ll be sure of the quality and reliability of your new bed. Find out more information about the health benefits of Wolff commercial tanning beds now for a healthier you, inside and out.

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