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The Face Shop White Mud Nose Pack, gifts, and more

Posted May 24 2010 12:00am

Please check out Cady Nation for my big Spring Giveaway ! You have two chances to win Swarovski crystal earrings and a plethora of beauty treats like My Beauty Diary masks, a Tarte gift set, and your very own White Mud Nose Pack from The Face Shop!

If you haven't already been enabled by Pinks latest "the shit" product post , you're probably going to look at me like this o_O for talking about the White Mud Nose Pack from The Face Shop. After her post, tons of girls on twitter started scrambling to go to The Face Shop or CP someone to go for them (thank you Tammy !) to pick up a tube of this miraculous pore de-gunker. There is an online site here, but a majority of the products are only available at brick and mortar locations, which are limited to the LA area, NJ, and NYC.

What is it? It's a peel-off nose pack that cleans out your pores; like a flexible Biore strip. You spread it over your nose (or chin/forehead, but keep it away from eyebrow hairs or else you'll be ripping em out, whether or not you want to!) in a thick layer, let it dry for 10-15 minutes, and peel it off your skin to reveal cleaner, smoother pores.

How much is it? About $6 plus tax. Since it's in a tube and you control how much you apply each time you use it, I'm not sure how many uses are in a bottle, but I would venture to say that you'd get more uses out of this than a box of nose strips.

Ingredients? water, PVP SD alcohol 40-B, polyvinyl alcohol, titanium dioxide, sodium magnesium silicate, butylene glycol, PEG-100 stearate, sodium citrate, methylparaben, aloe barbadensis leaf extract, glycyrrhiza glabra (licorice) root extract, Illite/water/propylene glycol/arctium majus root extract/zinc PCA/methylparaben/butylparaben/ethylparaben/propylparaben/biotin, artemisia princes leaf extract, citric acid, fragrance, allantoin

My Experience: I was told to try it out after taking a hot shower, so that my pores would be open. Since I shower in the morning before work, I opted to steam my face instead, using a washcloth dipped in warm/hot water (hot enough for me to tolerate without scalding my skin). I'd dip the washcloth in water whenever it started to cool off, so that I had adequate time to let the warm water open up my pores. I slathered on a thick layer of the nose pack and waited for it to dry - about 15 minutes. Then I peeled...

(click image for detail)

It got some of the little pores that I always have trouble with when using a cloth nose strip, but I didn' t get the super gunk-filled patches that I've been seeing on other blogs. (yes, we're all fascinated with the crap that comes out of other people's noses) I'm thinking that it was because I used a washcloth, so sometime over the weekend I'll take a really warm bath and shower before trying it again. Maybe I have a high tolerance for pain, but I didn't have any of the tear-inducing, I-don't-want-to-pull-this-off-cause-I-KNOW-it's-gonna-hurt reactions that other people did either.

Thoughts: I want to give this a few more tries before I say keep it or toss it - and try again on MG's nose as well, so for now I'll say it's worth the price tag to give it a shot.

Speaking of MG, he actually bought a product of his own recently - Kiehl's Acai Damage Protecting Toner Mist (Pharrell Williams Limited Edition Label). The toning mist claims to refresh and sooth skin after cleansing, provide a sheer layer of antioxidant protection against environmental aggressors, and preserve skin for a more radiant look and feel. He's in testing phase right now, so I'll have to bug him for a He Says review in a few weeks :)

The other Diana (aka LB/PaperDollRevenge) sent me a little something as a belated birthday gift - flavored Kit Kats in maple, Royal Milk Tea, and Sakura, Bihada Saki and Kurobara sheet masks (both for whitening), and a sweet notecard. Not pictured was the other half of her gift, which was some lotion from Sabon! She got me a jar of the Tropic Body Gel (I'm nearly done with my current jar, and it's perfect lotion for warm weather) and what was supposed to be Kiwi Mango body butter, but was actually Summer Fruit body butter - a mixup on the company's side. I decided to keep it since I like the scent :)

Anastacia was kind enough to send me some lovely Face Shop goodies as a belated birthday gift as well - she sent me a bar of facial soap, mung bean cleanser, samples of BB cream, sheet masks, and false lashes! The little pouch has actually become one of Minos's favorite toys to "hunt" thanks to the fur trim, haha...I've got to hide it from him now!

and just a bit of randomness to share....a new mug that I purchased recently.
I love me some brass knuckles in the morning...

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