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The Clark Kent Beauty Approach

Posted Aug 01 2013 9:23am

{Quick change from day to night in under 7 minutes.}

In the Superman movies, Clark Kent was always able to change from his everyday work look to extraordinary spandex, cape, and slicked back hair in a matter of seconds.  I wanted to take this Superman (or woman!) mentality in changing up my own look in a flash and see just how fast I could do it.  

Time is of the essence when taking my look from day to night, especially since I have a husband and three little people under one roof.  My kids don't really get why mom needs to go BACK in the bathroom before heading out to dinner to fix her makeup since she just did it after breakfast. (I'm sure Lois Lane felt the same way!)  So when I want to ramp my everyday look up a notch, I have a few quick beauty tricks up my sleeve that take under seven minutes to accomplish.  On your mark, get set, GO...
I tackle hair first. It's because this is what is the most difficult for me, my kryptonite if you will, so I like to get it out of the way!  A braided hair band is instantly chic and out of my face- no curling irons or hair dryer necessary.  Just check out all of these celebs sporting the same look on!

Start by parting your hair into two separate low pony tails, simply braid each one as far as you can go, then secure the end of each braid with a thin elastic.  Take those braids and pull them up to overlap onto the top of your head and secure with bobby pins the same color as your hair so it looks like an accessory without the accessories!  (Make sure to hide the ends of each elastic underneath one of the braids so you can’t see where each braid starts and stops.)
I have 4 speedy steps I implement for makeup.  First is to add a shimmery neutral shadow from lash line to crease over my old shadow.  Here I used "half baked" from my Urban Decay Naked Palette.  Then I add extra layers of super black mascara as close to the base on the upper and lower lash lines to fudge as eyeliner.  Touch up any excess shine from the day with a pressed face powder. 

Blush + lip color is Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in "fuchsia shock," $5.99.
The finishing touch is to take a vibrant shade of lipstick and let it double as your blush too! The super lazy but brilliant route. I chose a bold fuchsia to immediately brighten up my pout + cheeks with a couple swipes from the tube. 

... Beep beep, time is up!! Seriously under seven minutes to go from drab to fab.  I wonder what Clark's  record quick change time is?! Ha ha!! 

What are your beauty secrets to go quickly from your everyday look to extraordinary?
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