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The Body Shop Nature's Minerals: Cheek Color

Posted Jan 05 2009 12:00am

Welcome to Part Two of The Body Shop Nature's Minerals review series! Click on this link for Part One: Foundation and Foundation Brush.

In the set that was sent to me, I chose shade 03 Warm Copper for the Nature's Minerals Cheek Color, which was my second choice since my first choice, 02 Golden Terracotta (Golden Pink -- sounds lovely), was out of stock. That was very unfortunate because that's the only shade that's not available in Malaysia. *ARGH!* Before I received my package from Lisa, I went and got myself 02 Pink Quartz :D I have no urge to get Brown Topaz.

I've also included a step-by-step how-to on applying blush with a flat top brush. I saw Jojoba (MyMakeupReviews) wondering about it on Plue's blog, so I did it in hope to solve her wonderment. Yup.

Read on for the review and how-to. Duh! Oh! And swatches too.

"Create a soft, natural-looking flush of shimmering color with feather-light powders."

I've been having this mineral blush addiction lately and these cheek colors definitely did a good job satisfying me. The blush come in the same sifter jar as the foundation -- you can read more about the packaging [here]. Unlike the foundation, the blushers are much more pigmented so you won't need a lot of product to get the color on. They are very smooth and easy to blend as well, which requires less buffing. The staying power is just as incredible as the foundation's -- I wore the blush on Christmas Eve from 9 a.m., napped (and I love rolling when I sleep) and still didn't need to touch-up for dinner. Yeah, the blush faded but there was enough color.

USD18.00/RM65 (2g)

Warm Copper

The collection has four shades numbered according to suitability for different skin tones.

01 Pink Quartz: I don't usually like pink blushers but it was not as pink as I expected it to be. It's sort of a rose color with a subtle silvery glow and it gives a natural flush to my cheeks. The color doesn't show up well on camera though. I highly recommend this shade to fair to medium skin tones, looking for a wearable daily shade. You won't be disappointed. Although it doesn't look as nice as Warm Copper, it's a lot more practical, especially for day wear.

03 Warm Copper: This shade is quite strong so it's definitely more suitable for medium to tanned skin tones. This peach shade with slightly more glow than Pink Quartz, shows up really well on camera and would be great for night outings. The blush warms up the entire face but it may not be such a versatile color. I love this shade a lot but it's not one that I'd wear daily.

Tutorial for the natural smokey eye on the left, coming soon

My preferred brush for applying blush is a flat top brush and I use the Deluxe Buffer Brush from Coastalscents. The flat top brush is great for buffing harsh blush lines which is one of my more major pet peeves. I cringe at the sight of unblended blush. Anyway, here's a little tutorial on how to use a flat top brush for applying blush.

  1. First, you find the hollows of your cheeks, which is the green line in the picture. If you can't find it, try making a fish face by sucking your cheeks in and it should be quite obvious
  2. After you've swirled your brush in the blush (remember to tap off the excess!), starting from the hairline, place the brush right on top of the hollow
  3. Sweep down along the hollow
  4. Go back and forth from the hairline about 2-3 times

5. From the hairline, start buffing the cheek following the shape of your cheek. Basically now you're just blending the color that you've placed earlier, upwards
6. Finally, buff in circular motions on the apples of the cheeks. This way, you won't get too much color on the apples

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