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Tangled Matted Hair Solutions & Remedies

Posted by hairqueen

 It realy frustrates me that women's hair loss from serverly matted or tangled hair  is much more common than most people realize.-and it's  not even taken that seriously by hair stylists. 

Although, I know that  matted or tangled hair can be caused by illnesses, hospitalizations, improper removal of braids, hair extensions, un-healthy hair maintenance, improper use of hair products as perms, dyes, gels, relaxers and sprays.   Why do women  allow their hair to remain in a matted /tangled state for long periods of time.


Here is a statement I found in a press release online-  What do you all think?

For most women, severely tangled hair was not an issue of concern until they experienced hair loss and pre-mature balding.

  tangled hair

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