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Tagged: Friendship Award & Survey

Posted Dec 15 2008 12:00am
I'll start catching up with all of you with a tag by Kia of Yummy411. I'm always getting so much lovin' from this babe. How lucky am I??

Although many people may be old-fashioned enough to think that online friendships aren't real but let me tell you, it can be more real than any other "real-life" friendship that you have ever had. I've met so many great people and made very close friends through forums and blogs over the years. Heck, I even met Andrew online! So, here's to everyone that I've established a friendship with over the years through the marvels of the Internet! The friendship award goes to you. I've already met some of you and it has been awesome. I hope to meet the rest of you in the future.

Read on for the survey and also links to people I've tagged! Keep in mind that I'm only picking five randomly. If you're not tagged, doesn't mean I don't love you! You may do the tag all the same. :)

Oh! and last tuesday we celebrated Jay Jing's birthday at Yuen Steamboat. Can't get enough of that place!

where is your cell phone? On the floor. Charging

where is your significant other? On the bed. Sleeping

hair color? Black with dull brown highlights. I have a box of hair dye waiting for me still.

your mother? work

your father? god knows where and I really couldn't care. Hey, that rhymes!

your favorite thing? Mamee Monster!! :D Nah. Too hard to choose!

your dream last night? I really can't remember. I think there was a bra involved.

your dream/goal? get a job that lets me get free cosmetics. I'm not very ambitious.

the room you're in? my room

your hobby? makeup makeup makeup cats cartoons makeup cat :D

your fear? heights, crossing roads, steep stairs, clowns and mascots, sewer rats

where do you want to be in 6 years? in my makeup closet... omg... a closet full of makeup... *drools*

where were you last night? at Andrew's

what you're not? the list would be too long

one of your wish list items? ONE? how can I confine myself to just ONE??

where you grew up? Kuala Lumpur. I'm really too mellow for a KL girl.

the last thing you did? blog-hopped

what are you wearing? black t-shirt with my new blue shorts

your tv? we gots no tv here in the condo :(

your pet? I have loads! But in my room I have Homie (turtle), Asher (tarantula), Beelzebub (tarantula), Alicia (snake)

your computer? stuck to it. doing this.

your mood? sleepy

missing someone? hmmm.....

your car? don't have one!

something you're not wearing? makeup

favorite store? most recently... Daiso!!

your summer? it's summer everyday here!

love someone? duh!

your favorite color? don't really have one. I love all sorts of colors.

when is the last time you laughed? Should be yesterday.

last time you cried? Saturday. And guess who has to wash the toilet this week to make up for it? :p

are you a b*tch? sometimes :D

favorite position? CEO... I'm not that dense but I shan't be corrupted either :p

favorite past time? eating :D

are you a hater or a lover? A lover

are you genuine or fake? Genuine most of the time

any vices? hmmm......

pro life or wire hanger? Pro-life i guess

mccain or obama? Obama. Not my country!

pro plastic or natural? natural

dream job? see question 8

I'll be tagging Jenn from Lipglosseater, Pretty from Prettybeautiful, Anastasia from Anastasia's Ball of String, Kimberly from Kimberly Tia and Beetrice from Beetrice's Reviews.
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