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Suave, Glamour Reel Moments, and Jolie accosts a famous screenwriter

Posted Oct 14 2008 4:08pm

It’s day two of the Suave press trip.  Yesterday involved a trip to the Lukaro salon for a cut and blowout by Luke O’Connor, Debra Messing ’s stylist.  (The PR gals took before and after photos of my hair, so I’ll post them as soon as they make their way to my inbox.  Rest assured, Luke did a phenomenal job!  Considering the rat’s-nest-state of my tangled, fraying, split-ended hair, he deserves a gold medal for making it look like stuff that belongs on a human head again.)

I like what Suave has going on right now; the point behind the trip, and behind their newest launches, is to reach out to busy moms who can’t spend all their money on hair and body care products, but still want to pamper themselves and feel good.  I was surprised to discover that the line is over 70 years old; look for them to continue to roll out new products and re-brand themselves over the next year. 

Following our salon appointments, we had dinner at Nobu (love!), then brunch this morning at the Sofitel to discuss tonight’s Glamour Reel Moments premiere, where we met Kiwi Smith, the director of one of tonight’s films.  Kiwi is the screenwriter behind Legally Blonde, The House Bunny and 10 Things I Hate About You, so she’s basically a rock star to me.  We had a really awkward conversation that went something like this:

Jolie: I really wanted to introduce myself!  I love you!  I love your work!
Kiwi: Thank you so much!  I really appreciate it.  Thank you for writing about our event.
(Note: This is where a normal person would have said “You’re welcome; I am excited to see your movie” and walked away.  But, not Jolie–no, siree!  Not when there are awkward silences to be had!)
Jolie: So, yeah.  I really think you’re amazing.  I, um, wrote a book myself–well, two, actually–and the second one comes out in January.  It’s kind of Legally Blonde -esque, but meets The Devil Wears Prada, you know?  I used to be a beauty editor, but then I started a blog, and it got me a book deal…  (Cue two more minutes of nonsensical babbling on my part.)
Kiwi: (General politeness in this area, but I could read her thoughts: “When is this psycho girl going to go away?”)  I would recommend reading a ton of screenplays if you’re interested in writing one.  I read hundreds myself, and it’s very helpful.
Jolie: Oh, no, but I don’t really want to write screenplays.  I mean, sure, writing a screenplay would be fun, but I want to write more books, you know?  I’m working on my third now.  (More babbling.)

Honestly.  It was just painful, saved only by the fact that Kiwi was gracious and lovely and didn’t call security on my ass.  Note to self: learn to walk away.  (And stop over-using the word “really” in conversation.)


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