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Strange sore on the right side of my scrotum

Posted by JP1207

Hello.  I am a healthy Type I diabetic for 36 years.  A few days ago I noticed a small pimple sized sore on the right side of my scrotum.   It appeared to be a pimple so I treated it as such but with no improvements.   Today as I was examining the area I felt a dime-sized mass or soft lump directly underneath the sore area.     Have been married for 14 years with no other sexual partners, no history of any STD's or other genital problems.    Sort of worried about this development,  any ideas  or suggestions... ?  

 Possibly Heat Rash???

Thanks so much! 

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Infections left untreated can turn nasty, and should it be a venereal disease, even nastier. Sexually transmitted and is recognized through blisters and sores. Your saying that you have no other sexual partners, try to talk to your husband tell him your situation and ask him if he had done intercourse with others. A vaginal rash can affect both women and men, not vaginal for the male, but genital.
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