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Posted Feb 22 2009 12:18am 2 Comments

The STOP Tripollar DOES NOT WORK !!!!!!!!! I have used it for 2 weeks now. I did not have wrinkles before I used it. Now it gave me wrinkles !!!!!!!!! I am FURIOUS with this product !!!!!!! The company who made STOP Tripollar should be sued for FALSE ADVERTISEMENT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I have used Tripollar stop for four months now the skin on my face feels thick and the skin surface feels like it has been burnt and of a sandpaper texture, the rest of my body is fine where I have not used this. How do I prove that it was this product? I have never had this before there is no visible improvement on the youth side. I will sue if I can prove that using this by the instructions given.....

I have to tell you that i used the STOP now for two weeks and i find the results to be better than i expected, i tried almost any other device, and this is the first time something works on me. the skin on my face became thicker smoother, it feels more flexible and i honestly believe i have less wrinkles. i dont think two weeks are enough time - try to use it longer and with as much intensity as you can


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