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Skincare SOS

Posted Feb 01 2014 10:04pm

Even the most perfect complexions have bad skin days, but you needn’t feel as though you need to hide away until your skin resolves itself. Take action against common skincare woes and you can put your best face forward no matter what.

1. Puffy Eyes and Dark Circles – if you suffer with puffy eyes or dark circles on occasion then it’s best to figure out what the root cause is. Dehydration, lack of sleep and stress can all play a factor so start by taking a drink of water and if you have the time, take a nap. If that’s not an option, then run an ice cube under the eye to tighten the blood vessels and provide temporary relief.

2. Spots – woken up with a breakout? Put on a clay based face mask to help draw everything out, then apply a liberal amount of moisturiser. Contrary to what many people think, you should never try to dry up a spot as it won’t heal well and will leave a scar. It also encourages acne bacteria to spread, as they love dry environments. So, to clear up a break out quickly and without leaving scars, moisturise, moisturise and moisturise.

3. Dry Patches – If you have dry patches which are flaky and unsightly, then the first thing you should do is cleanse with an oil or balm and massage it vigorously into the skin to loosen up the dead skin cells. Next, use an exfoliating toner or lotion to slough off those dry patches, finally use a hydrating moisturiser to keep any underlying skin cells healthy. Make sure you’re drinking plenty of water to prevent more dry patches from forming.

4. Oily T-Zone – Woken up with an oil slick in the centre of your face? Before you use an astringent or harsh cleanser, consider using an oil based cleanser. It will manage the excess oil and work with it, rather than stripping it away and therefore encouraging your skin to make even more .

Do you have any solutions for a skincare SOS?

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