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Posted Oct 04 2009 11:14pm
hello ladies..
I cannot believe my precious weekend has gone and school starts again!!

I've beeen super sick and been to the hospital 4times this week..

I'm probably the stupidest girl EVER.

Guess what I did?

well..when I went to the hospital, my doctor have told me that I had MONONUCLEOSIS, also known as "kissing disease" (not that it has anything to do with
So she gave me this medication to take for a week..
The medication was to heal my swollen throat and make you sleep well at the same time..
I came home for the weekend and was looking forward to get enough sleep on my comfy bed..

On Friday night, I took 2 pills of my medication because I wanted to sleep WELL and my throat was getting worse. I thought my doctor told me that it was ok for me to take 2pills at once.

What happened to me on saturday ?

I was EXTREMELY drowsy and slept 19hrs straight...
My mom tried to wake me up but I couldn't keep myself awake..
Later that day, I kept throwing up NOTHING but water..(gross i know)
I knew I wanted to eat something but couldn't eat anything solid...
So guess what I had? Of course, BABY FOOD =)
But yea..that didn't go so well either...sigh*
I knew something was wrong my mom took me to the ER that night..

What was wrong with me?

I OVERDOSED on my medication..
I can't believe myself..
What was I thinking ?
Even on my prescription bottle says "DO NOT TAKE 2 at once"... yea,
that was my weekend..
I feeling a lot better today...
I lost 3lbs in
but my face look gross rite now..

tonight, i think im going to do some Seaweed face pack..

hope you ladies had an wonderful weekend.
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