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Scar Medications - Do Scar Creams Really Work?

Posted Aug 07 2009 5:40pm

Scar medications are becoming increasingly popular as more people want to remove their old scars and skin imperfections without having to resort to expensive surgeries or invasive procedures. There are a lot of scar creams that you can apply to your scar from the comfort of home. These are the best way to start treating your scar since they don't take up a lot of time or cost a lot of money.

1. Scar Cream Medication -

Using scar creams costs the least but is the most effective way to treat and medicate your scar. Make sure to get a good quality scar cream and apply it the right way, at least a few times a day. There has been a lot of controversy around scar creams and whether they actually do work. There is no defined answer, but thousands of people actually have experienced success in removing their scar with scar creams. There are a number of factors that can make your results vary but the key to making a scar cream medication actually work is to apply it consistenly.

2. Home remedies and other topical solutions:

Home remedies are all natural and they are easy to obtain and use so they are quite popular as being used as medication for scars.

Note: For the best results, we highly recommend coupling scar treatments together, using a fast acting scar cream along with a home remedy solution such as Vitamin E oil or cocoa butter.

3. Silicone scar treatment:

This method is recommended for people with raised scars as the pressure from the sheets can help flatten scars. There are two downsides to using silicone scar sheets for medicating your scar: They have to be worn for over 12 hours per day and they can be rather expensive, kits ranging from $100 and up. Some people who have used silicone scar sheets have said that the scars do come back.

However, if you have a raised and prominent scar, this may be the best way to medicate your scar. You will still need a good scar cream to put on before wearing the sheet over your scar. By using the best scar cream along with the silicone scar sheet, it will help you reach your desired results much faster.

4. Over the counter scar creams and gels:

We don't recommend otc scar creams or gels because they are usually not all natural. Sometimes, an active ingredient is all natural while there are quite a few other synthetic ingredients mixed along as well. Stick with a good, quality scar cream with all natural ingredients.You can't get this time of cream from Walgreens or CVS.

Finding scar medication is easy if you know where to look. Reading quality scar cream reviews will help you find the best medication for your scar.

In conclusion, the best medication for your scar is a good scar creme.There are a few available that will help greatly reduce the appearance of your scars. Do your research, order the scar cream, and apply it consistently and you will see results.

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