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Scalp Problems: Home Remedies to get rid of them

Posted Mar 17 2010 12:00am

Today, I would be discussing with you one more benefits of making Neem a part of your daily lives . Scalp problems are one of the main causes of hair fall, dry and dull hair or thin hair prone to lots of breakage. Dandruff, itchy scalp, redness in the scalp, dry scalp, acne on the scalp; these are some of the problems related to scalp which can be easily cured using neem leaves or neem water or even oil. 
  • Use neem water as a rinse after every shampoo. Let your hair air dry. 
  • Mix neem water and lemon juice and massage into scalp. Let stay for 30 minutes. Wash off. You need not follow it with a shampoo. A simple rinse would be fine. This is a cure for dandruff.
  • As we all know that neem leaves are extremely good for acne on skin. So, make a paste of neem leaves and apply on the skin. Let it stay for 30 minutes or till it dries off. Wash off. Regular application (two times a week) should show results in a month. It would also cure itchiness and irritation in the scalp. 
  • You do not have to go and take high frequency treatments to kill bacteria in the scalp. Mix neem and olive oil and massage into your scalp a night before you will shampoo your hair. This would kill all bacteria on the scalp. 
  • If you do not get neem oil, you can put lot of neem leaves in olive oil and leave under direct sunlight for a week or two. Shake the bottle everyday. This would infuse the essence of neem leaves in the oil. And, this would be equally effective. Always remember to buy a Cold Processed Extra Virgin Olive Oil (the purest form of olive oil). This is one of the healthiest ways to grow more hair on your head. You can use little warmed oil for massaging into your scalp.
  • You can mix neem water or neem leaves in various hair masks you make.
  • You can also use neem leaves while making the herbal shampoo .

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