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San Francisco Hair Transplants for Effective Hair Restoration

Posted Mar 16 2011 6:44am

There are many individuals who experience the embarrassment of hair loss due to aging, genetics, or a medical condition. With Hair Restoration San Francisco men and women can restore their hair to its natural growth state with the help of a hair restoration expert. There are many different ways to restore hair; however, there is none as effective as a Hair Transplant San Francisco residents recommend. A hair transplant uses hair from a donor area and transplants it into areas of the body that are experiencing hair loss. There are many reasons why men and women experience hair thinning or hair loss but hair transplants always provide positive and effective solutions for patients.


For women who experience hair loss, the experience may be embarrassing or even depressing. Hair is a source of confidence for women as when they look good they feel good and hair loss is a major deterrent of feeling sensual. Hair loss in women can result from many things. Either genetics, a poor diet, a high level of stress, a medical condition, or using too many chemical products on the hair may cause for a thinning or hair loss in women. With an experienced Hair Surgeon San Francisco women can restore hair to different parts of their body that may have had thinning hair or may be experiencing complete hair loss. An often area in women that loses hair is the eyebrows. Eyebrows are a defining feature of the face and their shape often help the structure of the face. For this reason, many women may  reshape their eyebrows by traditional hair removal methods like tweezing, waxing, or threading the eyebrow hair. This may generate a problem as often, hair that is constantly removed often does not grow back. With an Eyebrow Transplant San Francisco women may regain eyebrow hair that grows naturally with eyebrow hair as they may have previously shaped their eyebrows too thinly and would like thicker eyebrows but eyebrow hair will not grow back. The same time of procedure is used for hair restoration on other areas of the body, with the use of a donor area to provide healthy hair to areas to be treated. Speaking with a hair surgeon will determine what type of results you can receive with a hair transplant procedure, recovery time, and other details you will need to know in order to receive desired results.

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