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RMK Makeup Tips by Tatsuya and Hideki

Posted Oct 06 2008 12:00am
Sharing is caring and I've compiled 20 makeup tips and tricks from Tatsuya and Hideki while I was working with them. Some you may have heard before, some you may not have. Try them out and see how they work for you. Some tips may be seemingly advertorial but not to worry, there's always a budget alternative.

Read on for the tips and I hope you'll find them useful.

1. Massage cleansing milk or cleansing oil thoroughly on skin before rinsing to ensure that all makeup and debris have been dissolved.

2. Warm up makeup base and foundation on the palm so that they blend and adhere better to the skin. Concealer should be warmed up too before using.

3. Use an illuminizing lotion on dark or dull areas such as dark eye circles to brighten the area and reduce the need of caking on a lot of concealer.
Connie Tip: The illuminizing lotion should not have big shimmers. Other effective illuminizers for this purpose are Revlon Skinlight and Benefit High Beam.

4. Using highlighting products to highlight the features may be too shimmery and shiny for daytime. Instead, use a concealer that is one shade lighter than your skin tone to highlight the undereye, cheek bone, brow bone, nose bridge and chin.

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5. When blending face makeup with fingertips, use small stokes with light patting motions as you blend. Continuously press and pat skin to help foundation to settle.

6. To conceal small areas such as blemishes and freckles, use a small concealer brush to get a precise application.
Connie Tip: If you don't have a small concealer brush, try a lip brush.

7. Avoid applying too much foundation on the forehead and nose area that may look cakey and emphasize fine lines.

8. Apply setting powder along the hairline as well since that's usually where makeup starts to run.

9. To shade for a more contoured face, use a compact powder that is darker than your skin tone for more light-handed and natural effect.
Connie Tip: If you're confident with your blending, using liquid or stick foundations that are darker than your skin tone work well for a natural contouring effect.

10. To give your eye makeup a more Japanese feel, apply highlight shade into the inner corner tear ducts. Blend some eyeshadow on half of the lower lashline to make the eyes look bigger.

11. When curling lashes, crimp from the roots and while lifting the curler upwards, work your way to the tip of the lashes in light pumping motions. Curl the corners of the lashes as well.

12. Concentrate a thickening mascara on the roots before extending the brush to the top. To add length, follow with a lengthening mascara on the tips.
Connie Tip: Comb lashes through with a spoolie for more seperated lashes. Click to see what a spoolie can do for you!

13. Allow mascara base to dry for a minute before proceeding with mascara. This is more effective as the mascara and base formula don't combine together. Even when applying several coasts of mascara give the first coat some time to dry slightly before applying the second coat to avoid clumping.

14. Use deep and strong colored eyeshadows to create smokey eyes effect. Overly thick black eyeliner and eyeshadow look too harsh for dark Asian eyes and make eyes look small and scary ("kowai").

15. If you have dyed your hair to a lighter shade, your brows should match your hair color. If you have dark hair, your brows should be a shade lighter than your hair color. Lighter brows will give a softer look and draw more attention to the eye makeup.

16. Shade brows with eyebrow powder or pencil to fill them in. Then, use an eyebrow mascara to tint brows. The mascara should only be on the hair and not on the skin.
Connie Tip: Eyebrow mascaras are also available from Fasio and Sephora.

17. Apply blush according to the shape of your cheeks up to the temples for a sharp and more sophisticated look. For a cute ("kawaii") look, apply blush in circles on the apples and blend out. To widen the face shape, apply blush horizontally towards the ear.

18. Use a peachy coral blush for a sophisticated and grown-up look. Pink for a sweet and feminine look.

19. Apply concealer on the outer outline of the lips to define them especially when you're using lip gloss.

20. For touch-ups, keep in handy a compact powder and a bottle of mist so that you can even out the skin but keep the foundation looking fresh and not cakey. Blot off excess oil with a blotting paper.
Connie Tip: Evian spray works fine. Or make your own setting spray!

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