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Rhinoplasty - Surgical Procedure to Reshape Nose

Posted Jul 27 2010 10:10pm

Rhinoplasty is a complex surgical procedure to reshape the nose. It can be opted as an aesthetic as well as a corrective procedure or both. Plastic surgeons operate on the bone or cartilage of a patient to bring about the desired results. It has become a popular surgery among men and women for enhancing their appearance.

Cosmetic Surgery for Nasal Imperfection

Among all facial features, the nose is notably the one which stands out distinctly. In this context, even a minor deformity or imperfection can be a cause of concern especially among the young and figure conscious. Therefore, cosmetic surgery is just the right solution for attaining a proper facial balance and ensuring long-lasting results.

Plastic surgeons evaluate the patient’s condition and look closely for structural variations which may result in certain medical conditions; most common of which is difficulty in breathing. The specialist determines if an open or closed rhinoplasty would be the right surgical approach for the patient. Some plastic surgeons offer a septoplasty (surgery dealing with the septum of the nose) in conjunction with the surgery for accomplishing the following:

  • Opening the nasal air passage
  • Correction of nasal deviation
  • Attaining a pleasing dorsal aesthetic line

Apart from correcting a nose which is too large, rhinoplasty can effectively correct: a high, wide, low or narrow dorsum, a bulbous tip or a tip that is simply too low or high.

Challenging yet Benefiting Procedure

Rhinoplasty is a challenging yet equally benefiting surgical procedure to reshape the nose. Fortunately, the current advancements in plastic surgery alongside safer techniques and sophisticated modalities have made it possible for plastic surgeons to bring about natural and flawless results. Unlike before, patients don’t have to live with telltale signs of surgery or experience much pain or discomfort during and after the procedure.

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