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Rhinoplasty Surgery to Achieve a More Refined Nose and Facial Profile

Posted Feb 05 2011 2:15am

Many men and women unhappy with the appearance of their nose choose to undergo rhinoplasty surgery to achieve a more refined nose and facial profile. This elective cosmetic procedure can improve the nose’s form and sometimes also enhance function by reshaping the nasal support to achieve the desired aesthetic result.


Attain a Symmetrical Nose


Modern rhinoplasty can be performed along with a procedure known as septoplasty which addresses the septum of the nose. Corrections or changes brought to the septum can benefit the patient both medically and aesthetically. It can alleviate difficulties in breathing by correctly aligning the septum in the nasal passage and also allow plastic surgeons to achieve a pleasing dorsal aesthetic line that would give a harmonious appearance between the nasal tip and the forehead.


The surgery can be performed to remove bumps, elongate or reduce the nose, rectify a crooked nasal bridge or a bulbous tip. These changes made to the shape and contour of the nose can help attain a symmetrical nose and bring about significant difference in a person's appearance.


The surgical techniques employed today for rhinoplasty include the open and closed approach. Both these approaches have come a long way from the traditional style and have undergone constant technique improvements, to make the surgery safer, gentle and effective. Depending on the patient’s goals and expectations it is possible attain aesthetically pleasing customized results.

Minimal swelling and bruising is usually normal after such a procedure and any pain or discomfort is usually managed with oral medications prescribed by your surgeon and most patients make a speedy and complete recovery.


Surgery that Makes You Feel and Look Good


Rhinoplasty surgeryis what you need to achieve a more refined nose and facial profile that would make you feel good every time you glance in the mirror. You can take a well-informed decision by consulting an experienced plastic surgeon that specializes in this procedure. A skillful surgeon can give you flawless natural-looking results.
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