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Rhinoplasty - Give your Face a New Look

Posted Sep 07 2010 8:24pm

Give your Face a Whole New, Attractive Look

Give your face a beautiful new look by going in for a rhinoplasty procedure. rhinoplasty Reshape and redefine your nose to boost your self-esteem and confidence. To get an idea of how changing the shape of your nose will enhance your overall appearance, consult with a good plastic surgeon with long experience in rhinoplasty procedures. He will give you an idea of the expected results from a rhinoplasty, and will give you a thorough overview of the surgical procedure.

Rhinoplasty to Correct Many Problems

The unsatisfactory nose shape may be hereditary, the result of an injury or caused by a failed primary rhinoplasty.  Some of the aesthetic goals that can be achieved through rhinoplasty are:

  • A bigger or smaller nose
  • Modification of the angle between the upper lip and the nose
  • A lowered or raised nasal bridge
  • A lowered nasal tip
  • Reduction of dorsal hump
  • Improved breathing from amending structural defects, through a septoplasty
  • Correction of hook nose, saddle nose, or other nasal abnormalities.

A Specialized Surgical Procedure

The first step in the rhinoplasty procedure is the administration intravenous sedation or general anesthesia, depending on the procedure. The next step is creating the incisions. In the closed procedure, all the cuts are inside the nostrils and therefore out of sight. In the open procedure, a slit is also made across the columella, the portion between the nasal cavities. Once the incisions are made, it is easy to raise the nasal tissues and resculpt the cartilage to make the necessary alterations. If there is a case of a deviated septum, it would be straightened at this point, by a procedure called a septoplasty. In addition, projections in the nose interior can be reduced to enhance breathing. The last step is the redraping of nasal tissue and skin, and the closing of the incisions. The results are usually permanent.

Consult with your plastic surgeon to learn how he can work wonders with rhinoplasty to give your face a new look.

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