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Review: Skindinavia Makeup Finishing Spray

Posted Feb 06 2012 9:15am

Most of you, if not all, are probably very familiar with this scenario. You plan on having a great Saturday night out on the town with your girls.  Maybe dinner, followed by dancing.  You get all dolled up, the hair, the outfit, the makeup are flawless and you just know you’re going to look amazing in pictures.  At the beginning of the night you’re completely psyched because, you in fact do look pretty great, but as the night wears on you have to make it a point to approve anything before it gets posted to any one of the gazillion social networking sites because you’ve noticed your makeup has started to melt and wear off and you’re bordering on “hot mess” territory.  I’ve definitely been there and yes making multiple trips to the ladies room for touch ups is always an option, but unfortunately the only thing you can touch up is your powder and lip because that teeny clutch only has so much room. Besides, who wants to take a break from dancing to “Single Ladies”  to go touch up their makeup?

Well now, thanks to an awesome product from Skindinavia , you can continue tweaking out on the dance floor with your girls.

The product is called Makeup Finishing Spray and it is amazing.  It extends makeup wear, maintains color and prevents your makeup from slipping, melting and creasing and feels really refreshing on your skin.  I decided to test the spray out by applying my makeup then  hitting the gym (I know not good for my pores, but I wanted to see how it would hold up.)  The spray definitely held up to it’s claims. My workout sessions are pretty intense and I sweat like crazy but my makeup did not budge, it was pretty insane.

I know if it helped my makeup to stay put through an intense workout session it will definitely keep it flawless for a night out on the town.  I love this spray so much I use it even when I am not wearing any makeup because it prevents my skin from looking overly oily.  On my next night out, my friends will be free to snap and post to their hearts content and I won’t mind one bit because I know Skindinavia will have my back. Have you used this product?

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