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Review: Rimmel Sexy Curves Mascara

Posted Oct 04 2009 11:14pm
If there’s something limper than my puny Asian lashes, it’s my willpower to stop buying mascaras (especially Western mascaras!). Despite the fact that I know Western mascara formula will weigh down my lashes, I was too intrigued by the metallic purple tube and bought the Rimmel Sexy Curves mascara anyway. How could I have resisted? It was shiny and PURPLE.

As expected, a Western formula once again fails to hold Asian lashes up. Nonetheless, money was not wasted. Read on for the review…

Boy Says:

“Not very curled and long but looks thick. I like.”

If a mascara can get you kisses, it should be doing something right *winks*

Metallic purple tube aside, another distinguished feature of Rimmel Sexy Curves is its very peculiar-looking wand which is claimed to make lashes look fuller and curvier. The spiky balls are very useful for coating outer corner lashes. However, the curves may cause uneven coating unless you do several coats.

You can curl your lashes all you like, this formula will still weigh stick straight lashes down. After about three coats or so, the outer lashes will start to get lifted up a little. The formula is dark and thick, amplifying individual lashes so it’ll definitely give the illusion of fuller lashes. The fact that it doesn’t clump even after multiple coats is a huge plus. This is an excellent day to night mascara. As more mascara is added throughout the day, lashes become significantly dramatic. Don’t hope for much lengthening though.

Sexy Curves’ non-waterpoof formula doesn’t smudge easily despite sweat and tears (minimal). It comes off with warm water or any eye makeup remover. There’s also a waterproof formula (metallic turquoise) but I can’t guarantee that the formula will be the same. The waterproof version of Rimmel Glam Eyes was very much inferior to the washable one.

All in all, this mascara will come across as pretty average but how can I not like it when it increases sexiness? I probably won’t repurchase but I’m not chucking this aside either.

Retails at selected Watsons outlets and Jusco for RM39.90. Look out for discounts where you can get this for under RM35 or so.

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