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Review: Renée Rouleau Vitamin C & E Complex

Posted Dec 14 2010 8:13am

Renée Rouleau Vitamin C & E Complex Did you experience Melasma when you were pregnant? Did you know that it can last well past pregnancy and that repeated exposure to the sun without wearing SPF only makes it worse? Well I am certainly proof of that (especially considering that my youngest is 3 1/2!) I wear side swept bangs exposing the left side of my forehead. Little by little I began to notice brown spots, but just ignored them and used concealer to hide the problem. Then one day, while on vacation with my boyfriend this summer, he kept staring at that section of my forehead. When I asked if something was on my face, he reached over and tried to rub my forehead telling me my makeup was coming off. I sighed and finally had to face the fact that the age spots were not going away, in fact, it had gotten worse in the summer sun.

I am very blessed to be able to work with celebrity esthetician and skin care expert , Renée Rouleau. Working with her also means I am an avid reader of her skin care blog , which meant I knew what the solution was: Vitamin C works wonders on age spots. Just a few months before she had sent me her Vitamin C & E Complex, but due to the myriad of skin care products I receive on a regular basis to test and review, it simply sat on my bathroom counter. After talking with Renée, I knew I had to use her Glycolic Serum at night (7 days on 7 days off) and her Vitamin C & E Complex religiously. I made sure it sat next to my moisturizer (which also happens to be her Daily Protection SPF 30 ) so that I wouldn’t forget to apply it. 

As with all skin care products, it takes time and consistent use. So after about 10 weeks of use, as I was applying the complex, I suddenly realized that I could barely see the brown spots. That night when my boyfriend came over, I pushed my bangs to the side and excitedly asked, “Do you notice anything? Look! You can barely see the brown spots!” I was practically bouncing up and down (I was seriously that happy.)

Now just because their appearance has diminished significantly doesn’t mean I can let up. Exposure to the sun can easily bring it right back. So I’ve made sure to never go a day without the SPF. I still apply the Vitamin C & E Complex every morning…and honestly I think I can deem this product the must-have skin care solution of 2010. Have you used it? Would you agree?

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* Photo (c) Shannon Nelson

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