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Review: Rembrandt Whitening Strips

Posted Oct 14 2008 4:08am

There’s no doubt about it, everyone would love to have whiter teeth. I know that personally, between my previous addiction love of diet coke, my infatuation with ice tea and my love affair with ice coffee, that it has played a role in my teeth turning gray. I have been diet coke-free for well over a year, but I can’t shake the ice tea and ice coffee cravings. So what’s a girl to do to polish up her perfectly straight teeth?

I have found a new love in Rembrandt’s Whitening Strips. I’ve tried other whitening strips before; both Crest and Aqua Fresh and disliked both. Crest’s moved around in my mouth and I couldn’t talk with them in (and I surely like to talk… a lot), not to mention the formula being all messy in my mouth. Aqua Fresh’s trays basically made me gag and I couldn’t even get past 3 minutes with them in. So I was skeptical to use Rembrandt’s Whitening Strips, but pushed ahead because I hate looking at my dull, drab teeth when I smile.

These whitening strips are quite different from the others. The strip is made of wax and automatically reminded me of those wax candy lips I used to don during the Halloweens of my youth. Each strips also has pre-formatted slits for each tooth so that you can properly fold the strips over your teeth and they feel comfortable. The formula is on the inside of the strip, however it isn’t activated until you have wet your teeth and applied the strip–so it’s not messy. Once you have wet your teeth and folded the strip over them it basically adheres itself and won’t move until you chose to remove it. Best part? You can talk as you normally would with the strips in.

You keep the whitening strips on for 30 minutes. I chose to use mine when I went walking at night with my friend Barb. That way I could cram in exercise, me time and teeth whitening all at once (I am such a multi-tasker!) From first use, I noticed a difference right away in the color of my teeth. You use the strips for 5 days and there are separate strips for bottom and top. (I didn’t wear them both at the same time.)

I definitely think these are well worth the money and I have been recommending them to my friends offline all of the time. Add this one to my favorites list! Find it at for $23.99 for 14 strips.

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