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Review: Pharmacy Brand Skin Care

Posted Mar 07 2009 12:00am
Pharmacies such as Watsons and Guardian have developed many products under their home brand name. I’ve had good experiences with their hair and body products so I was optimistic about their skin care range as well.

From Guardian, I picked up the Tea Tree Oil +Witch Hazel Night Treatment Gel which was given a good review by Beetrice.
From Watsons, I got a Hydrating Gel that was on sale.

Read on for the reviews

Guardian Tea Tree Oil + Witch Hazel Night Treatment Gel

I definitely had high hopes for this one. The non-sticky watery gel feels cooling and is easily absorbed. I massaged this daily on my pimpled areas and it did dry them up quickly. I was very pleased that I found something that not only worked but was also cheap.

After a few days of using, my skin started to feel very dry and peeled even though I use a heavy moisturizer. I figured that the gel was too drying and stopped using it but the very next day I took the product out of my regime, my pimples flooded back up again. Apparently, the gel helps to suppress the pimples and control them but it doesn’t actually get rid of them. Because of that, my skin became dependent on it and that’s not something that I like in a skin care product. So, I eventually stopped using this entirely and seek for other means to combat my pimples.

I bought mine at RM12.90 but the prices may vary according to store discounts. This product is also sold under the brand name First Choice at Cold Storage. At the same price if I'm not mistaken.

Watsons Water360 Hydrating Gel

I was in the hydration craze when I started using the ~H2O+ Face Oasis and figured that I could use this in the day. Texture wise, it’s smooth and easy to spread but leaves a slight sticky residue on the skin. It basically makes no difference whatsoever on the well-being of my skin. It doesn’t moisturize enough, my skin didn’t look any more hydrated… it felt more like a toner so I’m not really bothered with it anymore.

I got this for RM5.90 or something. I think they were just trying to clear the range.

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