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Review: Missha M BB Cream

Posted Dec 11 2008 12:00am
Hello! *waves*
Been quite awhile since I've done any "serious" posting, yeah? No, no, I'm not free of assignments yet but since I have tomorrow off, I thought I'd allocate some time for my poor neglected blog.

BB cream, a German innovation, has definitely taken the world of cosmetics by storm! "German?! Aren't BB creams from Korea?". Apparently not. But they were adopted and popularized in Korea. Not only are the ladies in Asia crazy about them, our Western friends are catching up fast as well.

I've only tried three types of BB creams but all from the same brand, which is Missha (Don't you love samples?). So, no brainer to what I'll be reviewing today, right? But I'll be going in depth for the Missha M BB Cream which is what I actually own.

For those of you who are still blinking excessively in confusion, BB cream is short for Blemish Balm cream which was initially formulated to soothe sensitive skin and improve its regeneration. It is said that with long term usage, BB creams can help improve the skin's condition and even heal acne -- I don't really buy that though.
Cosmetic wise, BB creams are used as a light foundation that is able to even out the complexion, conceal blemishes and give a dewy finish while moiturizing and providing sun protection to the skin. It can also be used as a makeup base.

Read on for the review and comparisons with Missha Vita BB Cream and Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream.

Missha M BB Cream

You can see how large the tube is, can't you? I've had this for a year and I'm still not done with it. And trust me, I use it quite frequently! Only a pea size is needed for the whole face. The cream texture is rather thick but when warmed first, it blends easily. This BB cream offers a light to medium coverage that is sufficient to even out the skin tone but not that effective when it comes to concealing blemishes. I would usually use this on light makeup days while still wanting that glowy finish on the skin. As a makeup base, a very thin layer of BB cream will help prevent your foundation from oxidising to quickly. Unlike most foundations, the BB cream doesn't cake at all on the skin and stays on for a good whole day. Although I sometimes set the BB cream with some powder to reduce shine, it isn't really necessary.

This BB cream only comes in one shade so it may be too dark or too fair for some people. Also, the color is slightly greyish but that doesn't show when applied on the face. It is slightly too fair for me so I add a darker foundation or liquid bronzer to my BB cream. Overall, I do like this product a lot and I'm not really looking for another BB cream. I'm itching to try other brands though!

Missha Vita BB Cream

It has added sun protection and claims to have vitamin benefits.

There are more color variations and the texture is slightly more fluid that M BB Cream. It feels more like a tinted moisturzer but with better coverage.

I like this BB cream the best out of all the three but it is slightly more pricey.

Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream

Gives fuller coverage and is even effective to conceal dark eye circles. Also available in several shades.

The texture is similar to M BB Cream but the color oxidizes quite badly, making the skin look greayish. So, this would be my least favorite out of the lot. It's also the priciest.

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